Power Man engages in timeless variant cover battle with immortal Moon Knight

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Marvel has revealed a variant cover for InHyuk Lee’s Timeless, which has Power Man and the Immortal Moon Knight engaged in a titanic battle. This is Marvel’s third year releasing a year-ending one-shot comic to set the stage for events in the next new year, so the cover and plot will offer fans a taste of what’s in store for the Marvel Universe. Timeless, an epic story by writers Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing with artwork by Juann Cabal, shows readers the post-apocalyptic end of the Marvel Universe, where Power Man is the lone survivor. He battles Immortal Moon Knight, an evil from antiquity who has attained a new height of supreme strength. Sales of Lee’s variant cover and Timeless will begin on December 27.

The narrative of the creation of the Immortal Moon Knight—made possible by Stark Technology, the Eternal Machine, and the God of the Moon—will be told in Timeless. He has taken control of Earth after becoming all-powerful, and only Power Man can stop him. Power Man, the final superhero in the Marvel Universe, has a difficult task ahead of him and needs to use the abilities of previous heroes to rescue the planet. Marvel’s description of the one-shot teased the legendary character’s Timeless debut by revealing that Power Man will use the erratic abilities of the Sentry, Hulk, and Iron Fist in his quest to defeat the Immortal Moon Knight. Marvel also said in a press release that Timeless will include the moments that initiate the unavoidable series of events that lead to the end of the era of heroes, setting in motion monumental events for the publisher’s comics in the upcoming year. It’s unclear exactly what stories will branch off from Timeless, but the plot promises a dark, very personal struggle amid a mind-bending catastrophe as Khonsu wreaks havoc across the Marvel Universe.

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