Regarding Madame Web, Sydney Sweeney is not regretful.

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Although Madame Web did not receive the anticipated positive response, Sydney Sweeney refused to withdraw her participation in the movie. Madame Web, a character that is a member of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe (SSU), was not well received upon her release in February. At the box office, it did poorly, and to make matters worse, it received a tonne of negative reviews. Sweeney discussed Madame Web’s flaws in a recent conversation with Josh Horowitz for the Happy Sad Confused podcast. Her far more successful picture, Anyone But You, was released as a result of the movie, which is one of the reasons she is still delighted that she made it. Even if the reviewers weren’t thrilled, Sweeney said that it was still worth watching since she has younger cousins who loved it.

“I want to point out the timeline of projects and explain a few things,” she said.”I am really grateful to Sony for giving me the opportunity to work on Madame Web, my first studio project and feature picture, since it served as a great foundation for me. In reality, I was assembling the packages for Immaculate and Anyone But You as I was filming that. After compiling the entire package and pitch, I pulled out Anyone But You and phoned Sony, saying, “Hey, I have this movie, and we’re filming together, let’s build a relationship.” And that’s how Anyone But You came to be, and without Madame Web, I could never have accomplished it.” “Moreover, my cousins could watch the movie,” she said. And I was an actress, so it’s really difficult not to get really immersed.”

After Sweeney’s Madame Web performance, there will be a tonne of more opportunities for fans to see more of her. With the premiere of her most recent film, the horror picture Immaculate, Sweeney is back on the big screen. Her work on television is far from over, since Euphoria is about to start filming its third season, which will have Sweeney reprising her role as Cassie Howard. She hinted that she would be game to reprise her role as Julia Cornwall, Madame Web, in another Marvel film, and that she would be happy to play MJ with co-star Zendaya in Euphoria. In the meanwhile, Sweeney appears to be the new favourite to portray the next Bond girl, according to betting odds.

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