Returning on a variant cover of resurrection of Magneto, one of the X-Men’s most potent enemies

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In the recently revealed alternative cover for the forthcoming X-Men tale Resurrection of Magneto—which has the titular mutant making a reappearance following his recent demise—the Master of Magnetism makes a reappearance. The first issue of the new four-issue limited series, Resurrection of Magneto, by X-Men veterans Al Ewing and Luciano Vecchio, has been revealed by Marvel, featuring the return of the title character from the grave. Longtime Marvel artist John Tyler Christopher created the cover, which has Magneto dressed in his typical red and purple outfit, with his armour and helmet blending into the crimson background behind him.

The much awaited Fall of the House of X, which makes its premiere early in the following year, will come before Resurrection of Magneto. After the incident, mutantkind must struggle to restore what was destroyed and deal with grave repercussions. After Magneto’s death in A.X.E.: Judgement Day last year, Storm is tasked with bringing him back to life in Resurrection of Magneto by Ewing and Vecchio. “There was a plan when we killed Magneto,” Ewing declared at New York Comic Con. “This won’t be an easy route to resurrection or a golden egg. This is the difficult path. Resurrection of Magneto is a continuation of the plot from X-Men Red, which Ewing also authored, and it continues Storm’s attempt to bring the mutant antihero back to life. This will usher in a new era for the X-Men. The mutants regroup from losing their sole refuge and battle for their future once more in this tale, one of several branching arcs that follow the events of Fall of X, which ultimately led to the destruction of Krakoa.

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