Rotten Tomatoes gives X-Men ’97 a perfect score in their debut

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Critics have given X-Men ’97 a great deal of appreciation. The X-Men: The Animated Series sequel made its premiere with a flawless score of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. X-Men ’97 has received high marks from all of the authorised reviewers who have contributed reviews thus far, with many praising the series as a strong sequel that was well worth the wait. In a review published on Flickering Myth, EJ Moreno went so far as to call the series the “perfect legacy sequel, which we all know is near impossible to do.”

As Marvel’s first X-Men production after regaining ownership of the property five years ago, the programme is a positive sign for the franchise’s future. Reviewer Zaki Hasan of the San Francisco Chronicle remarked, “It’s not just good, it’s X-quisite,” taking this as a positive indication for the IP’s future. Similar words were spoken by William Goodman of TheWrap: “X-Men ’97 marks an excellent start for the MCU mutant era.”

X-Men ’97, a triumphant return for X-Men: The Animated Series, is an extraordinary epic that, although leaning too much on nostalgia, should please aficionados of the original series and provide a great starting point for those who have never seen it before. observed an additional Josh Wilding review on

Disney+ has not formally confirmed a renewal, but there are plans to develop X-Men ’97 for at least one more season. Potential Season 2 scripts and voice casts have already been recorded, and before to his abrupt departure from the programme, previous showrunner Beau DeMayo was reportedly working on some concepts for Season 3. Disney could have been waiting to release further seasons of the show until it was more widely accepted, while the show’s flawless premiere rating on Rotten Tomatoes is undoubtedly a terrific place to start. Disney+ hired Beau DeMayo to develop X-Men ’97. Ray Chase as Cyclops, Jennifer Hale as Jean Grey, Alison Sealy-Smith as Storm, Cal Dodd as Wolverine, J.P. Karliak as Morph, Lenore Zann as Rogue, George Buza as Beast, A.J. LoCascio as Gambit, Holly Chou as Jubilee, Isaac Robinson-Smith as Biship, Matthew Waterson as Magneto, and Adrian Hough as Nightcrawler are among the new and returning voice cast members on the show. Professor X’s voice has been replaced as Cedric Smith, the original voice actor, was unable to reprise the role. Ross Marquand is the current actor portraying the part.

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