Rudy Pankow’s Direct Reaction to Potential Marvel Roles

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Rudy Pankow: Will he join the MCU? The Outer Banks actor gave a direct reply in a recent video, furthering the uncertainty. Several additions to the ever-expanding brand were introduced in the MCU’s Phase 4, including Simu Liu from Shang-Chi, Iman Vellani from Ms. Marvel, and Tatiana Maslany from She-Hulk. Yet, the MCU’s heroic cast is anticipated to continue expanding as Phases 5 and 6 are anticipated to bring in more A-listers.

Outer Banks actor Rudy Pankow responded to whether or not he is leaving for Marvel for an unspecified part in a brand-new Wired video. Rudy Pankow gave a quick, coy response to the often asked topic “Is Rudy Pankow Going to Be in Marvel,” stating that he has “no idea” if he is slated for a position in the Marvel world.

“You know what? I have no… We have no idea.”

When asked where he hoped his career will take him after the Outer Banks in a 2020 interview, Pankow made a previous allusion to maybe acting in a “superhero” project:

I hope only up. If it’s a superhero, period piece, non-fiction depiction of someone, whatever it is, I hope it moves the audience.

Outer Banks co-star Rudy Pankow was proposed by Spider-Man: No Way Home actor Gary Weeks as the MCU’s Johnny Storm, conceding that Pankow would be “ideal for the character”.

“Not only could I see him pulling it off, but I also believe he could set a new standard. Amazing work has been done. That’s not what I meant at all. He merely has something on him. He has this burning side in addition to his amazing and sweet sides. the side that desires to be seen and heard. You’ve captured the character perfectly, and your choice of hairstyle is spot on. His hair is incredible.”

Weeks was also enthusiastic about Pankow’s potential for the MCU, saying that Marvel Studios would be “fortunate” to have him:

“On the set, you want to be collaborating with him. If that were to occur, they would be fortunate to have him.”

It’s likely that Rudy Pankow is unaware of the possibilities of joining the MCU. In truth, the actor’s short remark may have implied that no discussions between him and Marvel Studios are taking place. Pankow may yet be given a role in the MCU given his enormous on-screen talent and personality. Whatever job will ultimately best suit him is all that has to be determined. Although it’s a big assumption, Gary Weeks’ assertion that Pankow would wind up playing Johnny Storm in the MCU could have been taken into account by Marvel’s casting staff when looking for performers for the next relaunch.

The timing of Pankow’s brief Marvel remark may have served as the catalyst for his MCU debut as Marvel Studios is allegedly about to begin the Fantastic Four casting process. Pankow still has other Marvel parts he could take on if he doesn’t end up playing the MCU’s Human Torch, especially in light of the potential impending arrival of mutants.

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