Rumor: A lesser priority will be Spider-Man 4 to see Peter Parker.

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Although the project’s narrative is being kept under wraps, a recent rumour for Spider-Man 4 suggests that Peter Parker’s role as his alter persona may change. According to reports, when questioned about Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, especially what Peter will be like going ahead, insider Alex Perez made this statement regarding Spider-Man 4. After giving a detailed rundown of Peter’s appearances, Perez said that the first trilogy was “all about establishing his origin in the MCU” and that this “all leads to the next chapter in his story.” “The idea now moving forward is to give him a sense of independence,” Perez said. “In his thoughts, Peter Parker has vanished. However, Spider-Man endures. Whether the city likes him or not, all he has left to keep him going is becoming Spider-Man because he has either lost or distanced himself from everyone he has ever loved. And Peter Parker will eventually become less significant and gradually disappear from the world as the Spider-Man character takes over his life. This plot aspect is comparable to Batman played by Robert Pattinson in “The Batman.” This should be taken with a grain of salt as neither Marvel nor Disney have verified it as of yet.

Before this, Holland discussed the terms under which he would return to the character for Spider-Man 4 in 2023, saying that he and Marvel Studios were “actively engaging in conversations” about what that may entail and that “finding a way to do justice” to Spider-Man is another matter. Holland went on, “I feel very protective over Spider-Man.” “I want to preserve his legacy, and I feel really fortunate that we were able to work on a series that, in my opinion, is quite uncommon—one that became better and more popular with each film. I hereby promise not to create another one just for the pleasure of doing so. It must be worthwhile for the character to invest their time on.” Rewinding to earlier rumours, it was said that Daredevil and Ant-Man are the heroes that Marvel and Sony are hoping to see in Spider-Man 4, with the former having a “sizable role” in the screenplay and the latter being a “current idea.” In keeping with this, it was later confirmed that Kingpin will feature in the Wall-Crawler’s most recent motion picture release; however, Vincent D’Onorio, who played Wilson Fisk/Kingpin, has not yet gone into negotiations to play the character again.

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