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A recent rumour revealed which X-Men villain Emma Corrin will not wind up playing, dispelling popular belief that she is playing the movie’s antagonist due to her role as an unknown character in Deadpool 3. Since Ryan Reynolds revealed that Hugh Jackman will be appearing in Deadpool 3, the level of anticipation has skyrocketed. Though marketing hasn’t started, rumours regarding the threequel’s antagonist have exploded. Deadpool 3 is searching for a female antagonist who is “a nemesis to Deadpool and Wolverine,” according to a previous casting sheet.

This X-Men villain won’t be played by the Deadpool 3 actress

After Ryan Reynolds revealed that Emma Corrin will be appearing in Deadpool 3 with him and Hugh Jackman, further information regarding the actress’s role in the sequel started to surface. According to Justin Kroll of Deadline, Corrin won’t be playing the X-Men bad guy Danger in Deadpool 3.

This comes after a lot of rumours surfaced about the woman playing the Marvel villain. In Marvel Comics, Danger was the physical representation of the computer programme that ran the X-training Men’s facility, the Danger Room.

Since the rumour that Emma Corrin would be portraying Danger in Deadpool 3 has been disproven, the actress now has a wide range of intriguing character options. Corrin could wind up portraying Lady Deathstrike, one of the strong female X-Men villains. Kelly Hu played the antagonist in X2: X-Men United, the character’s previous live-action appearance, but a new take on the antagonist would still be a pleasant sight for the MCU. In Marvel Comics, Lady Deathstrike harbours a strong animosity against Wolverine, a superhero with a variety of superpowers and nails covered in adamantium.

The live-action adaptation of the comic book battles between the X-Men villain and Wolverine and Deadpool might have a lot of spectacular action scenes. On the other hand, Wanda Wilson, sometimes known as Lady Deadpool or Spiral, a six-armed sorceress, is another X-Men character Corrin may play.

On November 8, 2024, Deadpool 3 is scheduled to make its theatrical debut.

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