Ryan Reynolds leaks new images from the Deadpool 3 set

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Ryan Reynolds, star of Deadpool 3, has “leaked” a series of new set photos from the highly anticipated Marvel Cinematic Universe film. The actor appeared to have changed his mind after responding to the recent wave of leaked set photos from Deadpool 3. Alternatively, he might have recalled the proverb “Join them if you can’t beat them.” Reynolds stated, “A leak was how Deadpool got started,” in a post on X. I’m going to participate, then. However, please refrain from overusing the term “Deadpool Leaks” as this could skew search results for anyone looking for Deadpool spoilers, Deadpool leaks, or even Deadpool scoops.”

Reynolds then released five purportedly from the Deadpool 3 set photos. Reynolds is merely poking fun at the leakers and scoopers who have been leaking plot twists and unexpected cameos for the past few weeks, as it soon becomes apparent that Reynolds’ set photos are fake. Reynolds posted two pictures from the set: one shows Deadpool and Wolverine standing with the sci-fi villain Predator, while another shows Mickey Mouse clapping in the background as the Merc with a Mouth (much to Wolverine’s dismay) leaves with a bag full of cash. Additionally, one of the actor’s altered set photos features Quibi and Steve Urkel together. Deadpool 3, in contrast to most Marvel Studios films, is filmed outside in real-world settings rather than indoors in front of a green screen. This has, of course, made it simpler for photographers and scoopers to take pictures of the set, which has resulted in multiple cameos being revealed before their premiere. Reynolds issued a statement on Instagram on December 6 in response to the recent leaks, stating that it was “important for us to shoot the new DEADPOOL film in real, natural environments, using practical effects as opposed to making the movie indoors and digitally.”

“The film is designed to bring joy to the audience, and our greatest goal is to maintain as much of that magic for the final product and the big screen,” he went on. People who post spoilers do so partly out of excitement. I understand that these belong in the category of “good problems” and are not actual problems in the world.” Reynolds is undoubtedly upset about the set photo leaks, but it doesn’t appear that he is letting it bother him too much. The actor made the point that 20th Century Fox only decided to move forward with the first Deadpool film after test footage was posted online. The highly positive reaction to the test footage, which was made in 2011 but not released until 2014, prompted 20th Century Fox to swiftly bring the project back to life and begin production.

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