Secret Invasion exposes Talos and Nick Fury’s mutual need for one another

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Secret Invasion, the newest film from Marvel Studios, is among the darkest and quietest ones so yet. The new Disney+ series throws a light on Nick Fury’s dark world of espionage instead than emphasising superhuman action and Avengers-style team-ups, with the super spy having to tackle his most recent challenge alone. or more precisely, nearly alone. Secret Invasion is a narrative about Talos as much as it is about Nick Fury. Talos is a Skrull commander who was first shown in the 2019 film Captain Marvel. He first fought Carol Danvers and Nick Fury in 1995 before being able to tell them that the Skrulls are only refugees looking for a new home. As revealed in Secret Invasion, Nick Fury has been using Talos as an ally for a long time and has been working to assist the Skrulls who have been residing on Earth. The cooperation between Nick Fury and Talos is the foundation of the tale, despite the fact that Secret Invasion billed itself as a Nick Fury story.

In “Betrayed,” the third episode of Secret Invasion, Talos makes it very clear why Fury needs him. He explains to Fury that his advancement inside S.H.I.E.L.D. was entirely based on the Skrulls’ intellect and field work. The episode goes beyond this, though, and makes it quite obvious why Fury and Talos are dependent on one another. Although the focus of Secret Invasion has been on Fury finding himself in a desperate situation, losing the respect and power he formerly commanded, “Betrayed” makes it very evident that Talos is in the exact same situation. Talos had previously served as a commander on the Skrull Council, but after Nick Fury left Earth for the S.A.B.E.R. space station, Talos’ confidence in Fury’s assurance that he would locate the Skrulls a new homeworld started to dwindle. In Secret Invasion, Talos is found to have been kicked out of the council and exiled since it appears that his partnership with Fury failed to produce results for the Skrulls. Talos is currently just as helpless and alone as Nick Fury due to the fact that his daughter, G’iah, has joined Gravik’s rebellious Skrull group, the death of his wife, Soren, and the destruction of his armies. Talos is abruptly encircled by Gravik’s devoted friends at a parley with Gravik, making him see how hopelessly outmatched he is.

In Secret Invasion, tensions between Fury and Talos are at an all-time high. During the second episode of the series, Fury felt furious with his old buddy and appeared ready to break ways with him permanently after learning that Talos had surreptitiously transferred a million Skrulls to Earth. Fury, however, returns to Talos in Episode 3 after being sacked by the US Government. Talos agrees to go with Fury on his quest to stop an airstrike being launched by Gravik’s men, despite his anger at him for failing to recognise how important the Skrulls have been to his career. In their struggle against Gravik, neither Talos nor Fury have anybody else to lean on. Fury’s decision to stay away from Earth on S.A.B.E.R. after the Blip hurt them both and left them without any other allies to support them. Talos tells him the tale of Nick Fury’s attempt to repel a menace of his own invention while fighting on his own for the first time in Secret Invasion. Despite their differences, they are each other’s sole chance of averting a full-scale conflict between humans and Skrulls.

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