Secret Invasion indicates the arrival of a major Marvel comics villain

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A lot of Marvel Cinematic Universe fans eagerly anticipated Secret Invasion so they could see what happened to their favourite characters, like Maria Hill and Nick Fury. G’iah, the daughter of Talos and Soren, is purposefully underutilised in the series. She is deeply involved with Gravik and the terrorist Skrulls, but she also appears to be pursuing her own objectives. She found a hint for MCU fans about how a key Marvel Comics villain, the Super-Skrull, may appear when looking through Gravik’s archives.

Two significant disclosures are made in the Secret Invasion season premiere. First, Soren Talos, Talos’s wife, passed away off-screen between Spider-Man: Far From Home’s conclusion and Secret Invasion. The second is G’iah, their child, who left home and enlisted with Gravik’s terrorist group. It appears that she has conflicted loyalties. She sobs as Talos gives the news to her about the passing of her mother. She appears to turn against Gravik, but in reality she is advancing the plans of her father, Nick Fury, and the now deceased Maria Hill. In Episode 2, she sneaks away from a mission to save a Skrull agent to make a Russian phone call. It’s probable that this was the same person Sonya Falsworth spoke to before taking over the operative, Brogan’s torture and questioning. The greatest proof of the Super Skrull’s appearance in Secret Invasion and the MCU, however, comes from her finding of a number of computer files.

In a brief sequence, Gravik was shown in the Secret Invasion trailer employing a power that gave the appearance that his arm was formed of tentacles. Since everything else about the aliens is different from the comics, it was plausible that this is merely a power that Skrulls have in the MCU. However, G’iah’s probing shows that Gravik acquired this ability from a more well-known MCU figure. Following Pagon into a lab run by Rosa and Victor Dalton, or at the very least the Skrulls who replicated them, is how G’iah begins her inquiry. Although a subsequent computer search shows their target: Super DNA, the three chat about “harvest” sites.

G’iah discovers a collection of DNA samples used in Dalton’s studies when prying into Gravik’s computer. MCU fans should be familiar with all of them. DNA from the “Flora Colossus” species Groot from the Guardians of the Galaxy is present. The hand of Cull Obsidian, which was cut by Wong’s portal shutting in Infinity War, also appeared to have been taken by the Skrulls. They carry DNA from a frost beast from Jotunheim, which suggests the monster abandoned on Earth at the conclusion of Thor: The Dark World suffered a terrible fate. The flaming super soldier serum Extremis, which Aldrich Killian gave himself and others in Iron Man 3, is also in the Skrulls’ possession.

Looking back at Gravik in the teaser, it is obvious that his ability to use an arm that resembles a tentacle is extremely similar to Groot’s. Brogan admits during questioning that Gravik is creating a device “to make [the Skrulls] stronger.” Gravik appears to be turning himself into the Super Skrull at least when he informs the Skrull Council he has a plan for the Avengers. Although there were other Super Skrulls in the Secret Invasion comic adaptation, the primary opponent of the story was The Fantastic Four. His name was KI’rt, and he had abilities that mirrored those of the original super gang from Marvel. He had the strength and invulnerability of the Thing, and he could stretch like Mister Fantastic, become invisible like Susan Storm, flare up like the Human Torch, and turn invisible. However, Skrull technology gave him his abilities without the need for DNA from Earth’s heroes. Popular figure KI’rt has occasionally acted as an anti-hero, taking on other bad guys for his own agenda.

However, there are certain similarities between the narrative of Gravik and the loss of his family. With the aid of Extremis, Groot DNA, and Cull Obsidian’s abilities, Gravik has a power set that is extremely similar to that of the character from the comics. Similar to how the Super Skrull from the comics can summon the powers of these MCU heroes, Gravik will be able to do the same. If more MCU heroes join the fight against Secret Invasion, he could be able to acquire new skills. It appears that Gravik will be the MCU’s first Super Skrull. But when The Fantastic Four inevitably makes an appearance in the MCU, there could be more in this series.

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