Secret Wars: a massive undertaking, splitting the film into two parts

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Marvel Studios is no stranger to pulling off massive cinematic feats, but reports have surfaced that even they might have bitten off more than they can chew with the upcoming Avengers Secret Wars film. The project was initially announced with much fanfare at San Diego Comic-Con last year, but it seems that the scale of the film has grown to the point where it might need to be split into two parts.

According to reputable sources, Marvel Studios is considering splitting Secret Wars into two parts, given the enormity of the project. While this might disappoint some fans who were eagerly anticipating the film’s release, it could be for the best. Secret Wars is a massive concept, and trying to cram it all into one film might not do it justice.

The idea of splitting the film into two parts is not new, and some fans had already speculated that it might be necessary. Initially, Marvel Studios had planned to release Secret Wars, The Kang Dynasty, and Avengers in the same year. However, this plan was quickly scrapped as most people felt that it was rushing things and that more buildup was needed.

Given the massive scale of Secret Wars, it’s not surprising that Marvel Studios is facing this dilemma. Scaling down the concept, as was done with Civil War or Secret Invasion, might mean missing out on important story elements from the comics. On the other hand, completely reimagining the story might alienate diehard fans.

According to reports, Marvel Studios might be building up a comic-white adaptation of Secret Wars, drawing from Hickman’s New Avengers. This could explain why the studio is feeling the pressure to split the film into two parts, giving them more time to tell the story in a way that does justice to the source material.

The studio is also reportedly planning to drop two Avengers films quickly, possibly with Kang Dynasty’s Secret Wars the following year, and Secret Wars Part Two the year after that. This would mean that there would be two Avengers films and a few projects in between in one year. The scale of the project is so big that it seems to require this reshuffling.

The Kang Dynasty sets up Secret Wars, but not fully, and other projects like Shanghai Coup, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool will build on it. So, Marvel Studios has some work to do to bring everyone up to speed. Fortunately, there are a few projects in the pipeline that can help with that. For example, a potential Loki season three between Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars could help fill in some gaps.

Overall, it seems like Marvel Studios is taking the right approach by considering splitting Secret Wars into two parts. The enormity of the project demands it, and the studio seems to be aware of that. With so much content in the works, there is no shortage of opportunities to build up the story and bring fans along for the ride. And if the studio can pull it off, the payoff could be huge.

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