Simu Liu verifies the development of a Shang-Chi sequel

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Lead actor Simu Liu of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings said in a recent interview that Shang-Chi 2 is still in development. Although the movie’s widely awaited sequel was released over three years ago, not many facts have been revealed about it. In addition to talking about his experience on Barbie, the Oscar performance of “I’m Just Ken,” and his upcoming Netflix feature Atlas, Simu Liu also touched on the Shang-Chi sequel when he visited The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Marvel Studios has revealed that a sequel to the highly acclaimed superhero picture is in the works, although there are currently little specifics regarding development and release schedule. The movie debuted in 2021 to widespread praise. But Liu made it clear that a follow-up is “definitely happening.”

“You want me to lose my job, is that it?” the actor challenged Fallon when the subject of Shang-Chi was brought up. even before delving into specifics on the follow-up. The allusion is to Marvel Studios, which is well-known for taking great care to maintain secrecy until their movies are released in theaters. “This is where I use all the mental gymnastics that I possibly can to answer this question,” Liu said. “All right, let me say something. I should probably start off by saying that it’s certainly occurring,” the actor said. “Every day, I get questions and comments from people telling me how much they loved the first movie and what a moment it was, whether they ask me in person or online. Additionally, I believe that there is a great deal of kindness, and I am quite grateful for that.Therefore, please know that I truly take your messages seriously and am very grateful for them if you have ever contacted me, asked about a sequel, or messaged me in any other manner.” He said, “I think I speak for myself and Destin Daniel Cretton, our returning director, when I say that we’re so beyond excited to jump back in.”

Simu Liu played one of the Kens in Barbie from 2023 as well. This actor not only portrayed one of the Kens in the movie, but he also appeared in Ryan Gosling’s Oscar performance of the hit song “I’m Just Ken.” Despite the fact that the performance was excellent, there were a lot of things that could have gone wrong, particularly given the little rehearsal time for the choreography. “It was exciting because it was dangerously close to being disastrous,” Liu said. “I don’t know how long Ryan had with it,” he said, “but we got the call relatively late in the game.” The Oscars are scheduled for Sunday. On Thursday, we turn up for the first rehearsal, which is in the studio with Ryan and his incredible choreographer, Mandy Moore. They collaborated on the 2016 film La La Land. Thus, it’s our first time being there.” The choreography altered “entirely” on Friday and again on Saturday, according to Liu, who said they went through it for “hours and hours”. On Sunday, they were to report back before the performance, change, and go home following rehearsals before doing it live on stage. “We succeeded,” Liu acknowledged.

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