Spider-Man and Mary Jane handle The Fall of X’s aftereffects

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Written by Zeb Wells, coloured by Marcio Menyz, lettered by Joe Caramagna, and featuring guest artist Carmen Carnero, who connects to the current X-Men crossover The Fall of X, in place of the series’ regular art team, John Romita Jr. and Scott Hanna, who are on vacation after drawing the entire Gang War crossover. You see, the X-Men were attacked during their yearly Hellfire Gala on the mutant country of Krakoa by the evil anti-mutant group Orchis, which is how The Fall of X got its start. Millions of people on Earth had taken Krakoan medication, and Orchis had created a “back door” into each and every one of them. If the X-Men would not leave Earth, Orchis vowed to kill each and every one of these individuals. A small group of X-Men continued to battle Orchis from underground, knowing that they could not engage in open combat with Orchis lest Orchis wipe out the defenceless humans. Charles Xavier drove the majority of the mutant population from the planet.

Orchis first sent a handful of people into a temporary frenzy, demonstrating its capacity to kill all the humans who had received Krakoan medication. Anna Watson, Mary Jane Watson’s adored aunt, was one of these people. Anna’s short-lived rage led to her being sent to a mental health facility. The human beneficiaries of the Krakoan medication are safe (allowing the X-Men to freely fight Orchis), and Spider-Man and Mary Jane may now visit a stable Anna Watson because the X-Men recently defeated Orchis’ sabotage. Naturally, Mary Jane has transformed into Jackpot, the superhero, with the help of a unique gadget that bestows random superpowers. Although she has not spent as much time alone with Peter Parker after their breakup, Jackpot was one among the superheroes that aided Spider-Man during the Gang War. That was, however, in a huge assemblage of heroes, which is very unlike from a one-on-one superhero team-up.

In these preview pages, Spider-Man pays Anna Watson a visit in Ravencroft, Marvel’s remodelled version of Arkham Asylum following the Gang War that is now over. However, he is taken aback when he sees Jackpot, who was also travelling to Ravencroft. Before entering to visit Anna, the ex-couple uncomfortably strikes up a conversation and even more awkwardly gets dressed up and changes. Next, we see the beginning of Peter and Mary Jane’s encounter with Anna, during which Anna appears to be aloof towards Peter. Although the Krakoan medication cannot kill Anna, what does this indicate for the rest of her illness? To discover out, you’ll have to read Amazing Spider-Man next week!

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