Spider-Man attempts to prevent the return of his Demonic Bizarro to Limbo

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The Spider-Man comics are getting ready for the Gang War crossover, but before that big event happens (and following Spider-Man’s brief but tragic period of being infected by Norman Osborn’s sins), Amazing Spider-Man is taking a little break from the heavier drama for a hilarious segment featuring Spider-Man’s demonic Bizarro, Rek-Rap. Check out this exclusive CBR preview of Amazing Spider-Man for next week. Writer Zeb Wells, pencilers Ed McGuinness and Emilio Laso, inkers Mark Farmer, Wade Von Grawbadger, and McGuiness himself, colorists Marcio Menyz and Erick Arcinega, and letterer Joe Caramagna collaborated on Amazing Spider-Man. This story picks up where the last issue’s Rek-Rap left off, with Spider-Man and Mayor Luke Cage visiting Madelyne Pryor at the New York embassy in Limbo to see if she could take action to stop the damage that various demons have been causing to the city of New York. She said she would assist, but they were unaware that her definition of “help” included unleashing the Repossessor, a NEW monster, in order to use all means necessary to return these renegade demons to Limbo. Spider-Man needs to come up with a plan to stop Re-Po from pursuing Rek-Rap at this point.

Naturally, Rek-Rap is a demon that Spider-Man rescued during the Dark Web crossover. As a result, he developed a strong admiration for Spider-Man and chose to become a superhero himself, emulating Spider-Man. Of course, this is a parody of the Spider-Man “villain,” Bizarro, who was actually Superman in reverse. Rek-Rap is essentially Spider-Man in reverse here; in fact, his name is now “Parker” in reverse. Re-Po also targets a gang of other demons that Rek-Rap possesses, who function as parodies of Spider-Man’s rogues gallery. The preview pages feature a flashback from Rek-Rap’s perspective (pencilled by guest artist Emilio Laiso), in which he battles one of his demon “Rogues,” Kraken the Hunter, in a play-acting confrontation akin to that of Spider-Man and Kraven the Hunter. In a hilarious turn of events, Kraken mistakenly thinks he must marry Rek-Rap alive, and is shocked to learn that Rek-Rap is meant to bury him alive; to him, that just seems sadistic. Rek-Rap goes to Spider-Man for assistance, but, when Re-Po appears and painfully returns Kraken to Limbo. Since Spider-Man and Rek-Rap both witnessed another of Rek-Rap’s “Rogues” being brought back to Limbo by Re-Po in the previous issue, and Rek-Rap is being evasive about WHY he can’t go back to Limbo, Spider-Man naturally pulls Rek-Rap out on the fact that he is acting as though he doesn’t know who Re-Po is. We won’t know the reason for Rek-Rap’s insistence that he can’t go back to Limbo until next week.

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