Spider-Man: Gang War Starts, and Peter and Miles have an uneasy reunion

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The super gangs of New York City have been on edge ever since the failed marriage of Janice Lincoln (The Beetle) and Randy Robertson in Amazing Spider-Man. This was caused by an attempt to kill Janice’s father, the supervillain gangster Tombstone, as well as the successful assassination of Madame Masque, of the Maggia. Behind a cover by John Romita Jr., Scott Hanna and Marcio Menyz, as well as a Nick Bradshaw and Rachelle Rosenberg variant that serves as this article’s header, Amazing Spider-Man Gang War: First Strike is written by Zeb Wells and Cody Ziglar, illustrated by Joey Vazquez and Julian Shaw, coloured by Bryan Veldoza, and lettered by Joe Caramagna. It depicts the various super gangs of New York ready to blow up while Spider-Man (Peter Parker) has an uncomfortable reunion with Spider-Man (Miles Morales). In addition to the tension created by the super gang war, there is also the drama left over from Spider-Man’s six-month disappearance, which was a part of the plot that began this volume of Amazing Spider-Man and left him somewhat of a pariah among the other superheroes. That turns out to include Miles Morales, his fellow Spider-Man, who had to fill in for Peter.

These preview pages show a conference of New York City’s super-gang leaders discussing what to do with Tombstone’s territory after his attempted assassination (he is still alive, but in a coma and remains in the hospital).The murder of Madame Masque, the daughter of Count Nefaria, is also discussed. The other criminals are unaware that Nefaria planned the death of his own daughter as a false flag operation.In addition, Shang-Chi makes his presence known by seizing leadership of The Five Weapons Society—his ancestral inheritance, which he had previously rejected in favour of being a superhero—and deciding that it would be more sensible for him to attempt bringing about change while in charge of the organisation. In the meanwhile, Spider-Man teams up with MILES Morales, the OTHER Spider-Man, to defeat Slyde, the supervillain. But as Slyde calms down, Miles lashes out at Peter for abandoning him for six months and then expecting to return and become buddies right away. Spider-Man has also been disregarding Miles’s and a few other New York City superheroes’ (as well as Randy Robertson’s) attempts to persuade Mayor Luke Cage to lift the severe anti-superhero legislation that former Mayor Wilson Fisk had imposed.

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