Spider-Man has revealed the length of time he has truly been a superhero.

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In order to demonstrate how long he has been cracking jokes as Spider-Man, Peter Parker almost shattered the fourth wall. In Spectacular Spider-Men, Miles Morales and Peter Parker swing across the cityscape of New York City together while talking about how their paths crossed. Both of them, as Peter observes, are quick to crack jokes on the battlefield. In an almost fourth-wall-breaking moment, Peter says that it feels like he has been doing it for “sixty years or something.” Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s 1962 Amazing Fantasy tale “Spider-Man!” featured Peter Parker’s first appearance as the Amazing Spider-Man. Even though Spider-Man has had several reimaginings and evolutions throughout the years, he is currently well into his sixth decade as the most prominent Wall-Crawler in the Marvel Universe.

The pages of 2011’s Ultimate Fallout, written by Brian Michael Bendis, Jonathan Hickman, and Nick Spencer, and illustrated by Sara Pichelli, Salvador Larroca, and Clayton Crain, featured Miles Morales’s personal debut. Even though Miles was originally a member of the original Ultimate Universe, he and his family have been moved to the Earth-616 that fans are most familiar with as a result of the events of 2015’s Secret Wars and the ensuing restructuring of the Marvel Multiverse. The connection between Miles and Peter has been shaky lately, mostly because Peter hasn’t been in the former’s life since the battle for the Web of Life and Destiny, which was almost destroyed and taken back by the old, evil Shathra. Since then, Miles has worked more closely with people like Misty Knight, who has assisted the youthful Spider-Man in evading capture in spite of the egregiously anti-heroic rules that forbid both juvenile criminal combatants and any kind of vigilante action in New York City.

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