Spider-Man must take charge of a prison break to escape Limbo’s hold

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Written by Zeb Wells, pencilled by Ed McGuinnes, inked by Mark Farmer, Wade Von Grawbadgerr, and McGuiness himself, coloured by Marcio Menyz, and lettered by Joe Caramagna (with a Gang War interlude by Wells, artist Emilio Laiso, colorist Erick Arcinega, and Caramagna), Amazing Spider-Man picks up where the last issue left off, with the terrifying reveal that the demon known as the Repossessor—abbreviated Re-Po—eating Spider-Man alive and sending him to Limbo within Limbo! After Limbo burst into the main plane of reality in the Dark Web crossover, New York City Mayor Luke Cage made a deal with Madelyne Pryor, the head of Limbo, who has an embassy in New York that permits demons to come freely, forcing Re-Po into service. Rek-Rap and the Insidious Six, who play Rek-Rap’s “Rogues Gallery,” were creating too much damage in the city, which was Cage’s problem. To solve this, Pryor dispatched a new demon named Re-Po, who would stop at nothing to bring these rogue demons back to Limbo’s Limbo.

Rek-Rap, however, saw that Re-Po was up to no good; in addition to delivering demons, Re-Po also seemed to be taking HUMANS someplace. Re-Po abducted Randy Robertson, Peter Parker’s closest friend, and took him… At the end of the last issue, Spider-Man attempted to stop Re-Po, but he was completely consumed. Spider-Man is seen adjusting to being within a demon’s mouth in the preview pages. Eventually, he realises that this is really a transport system to a part of Limbo that is essentially Limbo’s version of Limbo. Since Re-Po seized them, here is where Rek-Rap and the other members of the Insidious Six have been. Rek-Rap was only briefly captured before Spider-Man in the “real world,” but in Limbo’s Limbo, time travels differently, so in this universe, Rek-Rap has had enough time to complete 129 episodes in which he recounts his exploits against the Insidious Six—to the Insidious Six! The demons are naturally tired of this torture, so they are overjoyed to try anything other than staying imprisoned there with Rek-Rap when Spider-Man appears and tells them that they must go to make sure Randy is okay. Next week in Amazing Spider-Man, we’ll find out if they manage to carry off their fantastic escape!

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