The awkward first meeting between Chris Hemsworth and Brad Pitt

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Chris Hemsworth, actor of Furiosa, disclosed that he still hasn’t checked off a part on his professional bucket list. The actor expressed his admiration for Brad Pitt’s work, citing Legends of the Fall (1994) in particular. In a candid interview, Chris Hemsworth offered a self-evaluation of his filmography. The actor mentioned that he spent three years as a cast member of an Australian soap opera before relocating to Hollywood. This led to a number of significant casting decisions that eventually landed him a long-term role in the MCU. Nonetheless, the actor claimed that Brad Pitt was one of his first influences; he and his siblings used to watch Legends of the Fall often as children. His infatuation for the movie is evident from the fact that he named one of his boys after Brad Pitt’s character in Legends. Hemsworth said that he had just met Pitt at an After-Party for the Hollywood premiere of Once Upon a Time, after 20 years in the business. “I was kind of hiding in the corner,” Hemsworth remembered. “When my agent showed up, she asked, ‘Have you met Brad yet?’ My agent said, “No, he does, come and say hello,” when I remarked, “Oh, he doesn’t want to meet me.” I somehow moved in for an embrace in my excitement before Brad even attempted to shake my hand.” If it had been someone else, the situation would have been much more embarrassing, but happily Hemsworth’s charming demeanor prevailed. “We laughed about it when the embrace was happily welcomed. My dad used to race motorcycles, so we spoke about them a lot.”

Hemsworth discussed how his achievement affected his morale in other parts of the conversation. This is in spite of a number of outstanding casting choices in movies like Ghostbusters, The Cabin in the Woods, 12 Strong, and the Extraction series. One might even argue that he played a similar role in Bad Times at the El Royale that Brad Pitt did in Fight Club. Even still, Hemsworth acknowledged that there were times when he questioned his choice of profession. He asked, “Why am I doing this film?” “Why am I not contacted by Quentin Tarantino or Martin Scorsese? I had started to take things too personally and too seriously.” He acknowledged that he shared the same reservations about portraying Thor in the MCU, especially in light of how the character is portrayed in Thor: Love and Thunder. When things get out of hand, Hemsworth’s brother offered this advice: “When the bad times outweigh the good, it’s time to do something different.” During the production of Furiosa, it seems that the actor took this to heart; he followed the director George Miller’s suggestions, read relevant literature, and kept diaries in character. “I had always thought I didn’t need it, rolled my eyes in the past,” stated the man. “Too conceited. However, I believe that by adopting that mindset, I perhaps lost the chance to go more deeply into character development.” In addition to a speculated appearance in Deadpool & Wolverine, Hemsworth has two upcoming movies.

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