The best cameo in Across the Spider-Verse resurrects a popular theory

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Diverse Spider-Men and Spider-Women make cameos in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, although not all of them are animated. Despite the fact that the story is CGI-based, there are several glimpses into other Spider-Man universes, including those from the various other films from the previous two decades. Another Spider-Man project makes a lighthearted appearance, which adds fuel to the fire that the aforementioned film takes place in a certain universe.

There has been much theorising about the worlds of both Venom and Morbius. Some fans believe that these flicks are set in the same universe as the two Amazing Spider-Man films. Although this isn’t either confirmed or denied by the cameo in Across the Spider-Verse, it does support another notion proposed by Spider-Man: No Way Home. Here’s how Sony’s Spider-Man Universe is more complicated by the unconnected animation film.

The Spot is initially presented in Across the Spider-Verse as a joke that is difficult to take seriously. In the Spider-Verse, when he discovers more about his abilities, he encounters several universes that have their own distinct interpretations of Spider-Man and the mythology that surrounds him. Examples include a Lego cosmos and an animated environment that is evocative of the frantic 1930s. Even though the first film and its follow-up didn’t truly involve Spider-Man in any form, the cameo starring a live-action Sony Spider-Man may have been the most shocking.

The Venom flicks and Morbius are set on Earth-68, which The Spot briefly glimpses. But instead of a Lethal Protector or a Living Vampire, Mrs. Chen, a somewhat dissatisfied businesswoman, confronts the monochrome supervillain. Eddie Brock and his Venom symbiote are Mrs. Chen’s regular clients at her San Francisco convenience shop. The symbiotic couple starts to defend her business after the events of the 2018 Venom movie, albeit Venom becomes irritated anytime she can’t get any chocolate for him.

Mrs. Chen has no origins in comic books; she was developed for the Sony Universe. Overall, the quick sequence is more for comedic effect than anything else, and many spectators recognised her from the unrelated Venom movies right away. In the end, though, this moment could offer a new connection between those films and two that feature the second Spider-Man movie.

Due to their fairly similar tones, many fans first thought that the universes of Venom and The Amazing Spider-Man movies were one and the same. This notion was supported by the end-credits sequence from Venom: Let There Be Carnage, in which Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock is called to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This led to Spider-Man: No Way Home, in which two antagonists from The Amazing Spider-Man and three antagonists from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films were also teleported in via the multiverse. Some people believe Venom is the third “villain” in the Amazing Spider-Man universe due to Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man’s strange numbering.

This was furthered by Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man declaring that Venom is an extraterrestrial and that’s what he wants to do. The most recent component of this puzzle is “Across the Spider-Verse,” wherein The Spot travels to realms where there are Spider-People of all kinds. Venom’s universe already has a Spider-Man unless he takes on that position in the Sony Spider-Man Universe (which is improbable). Naturally, few have refuted the widespread belief that Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man is the real deal. However, there are several inconsistencies with this. In Garfield’s films and Venom, Ravencroft Institute is handled differently. There are also rumours regarding The Rhino in the upcoming film Kraven.

The worlds have also been assigned separate Earth designations: Venom resides on Earth-TRN688, whereas the Amazing Spider-Man universe has already been assigned Earth-120703. The conclusion of Across the Spider-Verse shows a universe that is nearly identical in every manner to the one Miles Morales comes from, offering a straightforward resolution despite this apparent refutation. There are some noticeable differences, but with this setup, Andrew Garfield could portray a Spider-Man that is quite similar to the one on Earth-TRN688. Even if it’s still a bit of a stretch, The Spot proves that it’s not that difficult to discover the proper planet in the Spider-Verse.

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