The cast kept the post-credits scene from Marvels a secret throughout its early filming.

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With the introduction of some of the most well-known Marvel characters, the post-credits scene from Marvels altered the MCU forever. Now, actor Iman Vellani has revealed how long in advance that sequence was planned. Vellani talked about the behind-the-scenes work that went into The Marvels’ post-credits revelation in an interview. In the scene, Monica Rambeau, played by Teyonah Parris, awakens in a parallel reality. At first, she is confused of where she is, but soon she realises that she is a great distance from her home. For the first time since X-Men: Days of Futures Past in 2014, Rambeau returns to the character of Beast, played by Kelsey Grammer, when she finds herself in the X-Men universe.

According to Vellani, the scene was filmed early in the movie’s development. “They shot it during principal photography,” the woman remarked. They knew what they were doing since they had shot it previously. The self-described MCU megafan Vellani also disclosed that the studio had withheld the scene’s specifics from her. However, I had anticipated something different. Beast Kelsey Grammer is in it? I had no idea,” Vellani said. “Even though I knew they had shot it, I was hoping for something different. And to my surprise, they didn’t even reveal the secret to me. When I first saw it, I really sprang out of bed and had a heart attack. I was thinking, ‘How could you withhold this from me?’ and I texted every single individual we worked with. However, I was able to see it as a fan, which was very awesome.

Vellani discussed her opinions on the team chemistry viewers witnessed in The Marvels in a different interview. According to Vellani, “she’s the most emotionally intelligent and mature hero in The Marvels.” She’s observing and learning, even if she’s not talking at all. There’s a lot of animosity amongst the three Marvels. She doesn’t hesitate to voice her opinions or make difficult decisions in spite of all of that. I appreciate her extroverted nature and her unabashedly authentic self.” Vellani continued by describing how the maturity of her character will benefit her later on, especially when she forms alliances with other youthful Marvel characters. “I believe she will use all of this in the future with the Young Avengers,” the speaker said, alluding to the movie’s climactic sequence where Kamala Khan approached Kate Bishop to get her to join the new team of heroes. Ironheart, the offspring of Iron Man and Ant-Man, and other heroes are possible candidates to join them.

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