The director of Deadpool and Wolverine reveals Kevin Feige’s High Demand for costumes

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With Deadpool & Wolverine, Kevin Feige realized a dream that has been brewing for 24 years. According to sources, director Shawn Levy visited Shanghai, China with co-stars Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman to promote Deadpool’s arrival in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was during this appearance that Levy disclosed the one request Feige made of him when he pitched the concept of a crossover between Deadpool and Wolverine to Reynolds. “Yes, but he wears the yellow,” he responded. Can he wear the yellow finally? And we started,” Levy said of Feige, who got his start at Marvel as an assistant producer on Bryan Singer’s initial X-Men film set.

Reynolds claims that his initial conversations with Feige was when he initially had the idea to cast Jackman, saying, “I just want to make Wolverine and Deadpool together.” All I want to see on screen is these two together. “Forget it,” Kevin remarked at the moment. It is not going to occur. ‘Okay, that’s OK,’ I responded. Consequently, the Deadpool actor and Levy—who had previously worked together on Free Guy and The Adam Project—concocted a number of different narratives for Marvel, albeit they were met with little success. The actor acknowledged, “One day, we were on our last pitch.” “I think we’re going to walk away and we’ll come back later, maybe in a couple years, when we have a better sense of things,” was what we were prepared to tell Kevin Feige. I happened to get a call from Hugh.” Feige briefly spoke with Jackman about a potential Wolverine comeback, but advised him against it because of how satisfactorily Wolverine’s tale concluded in 2017’s critically praised Logan. But Jackman started wondering, “What do I want to do?,” as he was driving. And I was eager to tackle Deadpool and Wolverine as soon as I posed the subject. It simply seemed right to me. I continued to drive for an additional hour. Couldn’t get it out of her head. After exiting the vehicle, I contacted Ryan and said, “If you’ll have me, I’m in.”

Deadpool & Wolverine include a deleted scene from The Wolverine, as well as the live-action premiere of Wolverine’s yellow suit—a color scheme that Cyclops memorably mocked in X-Men. The origin of Jackman’s new Wolverine is still unknown, however in the trailers for Deadpool & Wolverine, TVA agent Paradox told Deadpool that this version “let down his entire world” to an unidentified disaster. While some well-known characters like Lady Deathstrike and Azazel were teased in the trailers, additional characters include Reynolds’ Deadpool supporting cast and Jackman’s X-Men co-stars Aaron Stanford and Tyler Mane as Pyro and Sabertooth. With the release of The Marvels and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, two post-Avengers Endgame movies, Marvel Studios has started to integrate X-Men characters into the MCU in recent years. Feige hinted that information regarding a potential new X-Men movie would surface following the premiere of Deadpool & Wolverine, but he would not elaborate.

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