The director of Doctor Strange discusses how much Disney desired Benedict Cumberbatch.

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Doctor Strange’s blatantly supernatural plot set a new precedent for the MCU. Scott Derrickson, the director, talks about how he persuaded Disney that Benedict Cumberbatch was the ideal choice for the role. It’s hard to picture the current MCU if it had adapted a whole new run of Marvel Comics stories. Upon cursory examination of the MCU’s 33 films, it becomes evident that the majority of them explored cosmic-level storylines in other universes, leaving just a small number of “earthbound” flicks. Additionally, Doctor Strange was the first movie to delve deeply into the magical aspect of the MCU, which has never before hinted at expanding into a universe. Director Scott Derrickson discussed the importance of Doctor Strange as the MCU’s tentpole film in an interview. He also disclosed the extent to which Disney went in order to secure Benedict Cumberbatch for the title role. According to Derrickson, Doctor Strange was not intended to be a prequel to multiverse films such as Loki; rather, it was intended to be a stand-alone picture. “I certainly didn’t have my eyes on that target specifically, of how it would be used in the future,” he stated. “However, I count myself among the lucky few who have the opportunity to direct a Marvel picture free from any MCU constraints. Nothing was purposefully planned for upcoming motion pictures. It stood alone as a movie. “Nevertheless, a lot of people liken Doctor Strange to Iron Man since both movies established the groundwork for further MCU productions. Furthermore, Derrickson claimed that Benedict Cumberbatch was the ideal choice to portray Stephen Strange, just like Robert Downey Jr. was intended to play Tony Stark.

Derrickson stated that after learning that Cumberbatch was committed to another movie, they also gave Joaquin Phoenix a chance to be the actor. “What happened, just to be clear, we offered the movie to Benedict,” he claimed. “I desired Benedict. To attempt to persuade him to do it, I took a plane all the way to London. It all came down to the fact that Benedict had promised to do Hamlet in a London theater, and the film was set for the summer.” Following the collapse of casting negotiations with Phoenix and other contenders, Derrickson returned to Cumberbatch, asking Kevin Feige if they might reschedule Doctor Strange’s release date to better suit Cumberbatch’s schedule.” I just returned to Kevin Feinge and told him, ‘We need to reschedule the date because Benedict is required.’ “Kevin told Bob Iger and Alan Horn what I had stated. To their credit, the film was rescheduled for autumn. “In the end, it came down to the heads of Disney knowing they would make less money on the movie, but letting me as the director have the right actor for the movie,” Derrickson said. “I informed them right away that it had to be him. No one else in this position will be able to perform what he can.” One of the MCU’s most popular films to date, Doctor Strange went on to generate $85 million on its domestic opening weekend and has since grossed almost $678 million globally.

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