The Director of Madame Web shares unexpected information on relationships to Sony’s Spider-Man universe

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It has been revealed how Madame Web links up with the previous flicks in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. Madame Web is a character in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe who comes after Morbius and the two Venom films. Along with Venom 3, the next Kraven the Hunter film will come before it. Nevertheless, don’t anticipate Madame Web to have any links to other films in her shared universe, unlike most superhero flicks. Madame Web is a solo movie, according to director S. J. Clarkson, who also clarified that there won’t be any clear references to Morbius, Venom, or Kraven the Hunter. This finding may come as a surprise given how most superhero films are connected to one another in some manner, particularly when they are set in the same world. The filmmaker remarked, “She’s definitely in a standalone world,” highlighting the advantages of approaching the film in this manner. Rather than attempting to make the film into something different, I was able to just have free reign and let it be what it needed to be. The ability to take something and give it a new, hopefully unique perspective was, in a way, a gift.

Recent rumours claim that there were initially intended to recognise Spider-Man in Madame Web, either in Tom Holland’s or Andrew Garfield’s roles. However, these ideas were apparently abandoned.This means that it happened several years before Venom’s events, which introduced Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. It also makes it simpler to concentrate only on conveying Madame Web’s tale, ignoring the happenings of those other films. Dakota Johnson plays Cassandra Webb in the movie, which tells the “origin story” of the Marvel comic book character that fans are familiar with. This is perhaps another reason the movie is set in the past. Despite the fact that there are no clear ties in this one, Madame Web serves as a prequel, which means that Johnson may play the older, more recognisable version of the character in a later picture. The movie tracks Madame Web and her three Spider-Women—Celeste O’Connor, Sydney Sweeney, and Isabela Merced—as they flee from Tahar Rahim, a formidable adversary. Burk Sharpless, Claire Parker, Matt Sazama, and Clarkson wrote the script. Produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura. Mike Epps, Emma Roberts, Adam Scott, and Zosia Mamet are among the other celebrities.

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