The director of Marvel studios responds to ‘Woke’ criticism of MCU film

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In response to the “woke” criticism that surrounded the movie, Marvels director Nia DaCosta decided to highlight the positive aspects of the Marvel fanbase. These days, it’s not unusual to hear people refer to any film that centers around women and people of color as “going woke,” and The Marvels is no different. DaCosta, however, reportedly stated that she isn’t allowing it to change her opinions on the fans or her movie. Being a “big ol’ fan of nerdy sh*t for a long time,” the filmmaker described how she manages to disregard the more negative feedback from one segment of the fan base while focusing on the other, which is more open to “civilized critique.” There are certain places you visit because you feel like an absolute fan. “I wish to be in the realm of pure adoration, which encompasses polite criticism,” DaCosta declared. Then there are areas that are really aggressive, virulent, and racist, as well as sexist, homophobic, and other terrible things. And I go for the light-facing side. I’m drawn to that particular aspect of fandom the most.

The Marvels is doing rather well with moviegoers, despite some negative reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes, it has an audience score of 84%, which is somewhat better than the 62 percent score given by critics. However, despite the fact that the majority of moviegoers are generally happy as they leave the cinema, The Marvels’ theatrical presentation remains problematic. With the lowest opening weekend gross of any Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, it has broken the record. The underwhelming attendance might be ascribed to several causes; the absence of promotional efforts was undoubtedly detrimental, and the emergence of “superhero fatigue” appears to be real, considering the success of previous Marvel and DC pictures in theaters. DaCosta previously stated to Total Film, “I think superhero fatigue absolutely exists,” and that The Marvels would seem more distinctive because of its “wacky” tone. Its extreme silliness and wackiness set it apart from the previous MCU films in the greatest way. The worlds we visit in this film are not like any other that you have seen in the MCU. luminous, previously unseen worlds.”

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