The Fantastic Four reboot is said to feature Silver Surfer, played by Norrin Radd.

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According to a recent report, The Fantastic Four will feature an appearance by the original Silver Surfer. This information was just leaked, revealing Julia Garner would be portraying Shalla-Bal in the production, who has been compared as “a version of Silver Surfer.” Though no more information has been provided, insider rumors claim that Norrin Radd will also be presented in The Fantastic Four with Shalla-Bal. Earlier, actor LaKeith Stanfield expressed his opinion on Garner’s casting on Instagram, writing, “Thought it was going to be me but ig.”

Richtman has leaked other Silver Surfer-related rumors as well. Previously, he claimed that Marvel Studios was still developing a Silver Surfer project. A subsequent rumor claimed that a Silver Surfer series was in the works at Disney+, but an earlier source confirmed that the project in question would be a Special Presentation and would debut prior to The Fantastic Four. These projects have not yet received an official announcement. Emphasizing The Fantastic Four as a whole, Johnny Storm/The Human Torch actor Joseph Quinn announced his intention to replace Michael B. Jordan and Chris Evans. He said, “I remember really enjoying Chris Evans’s performance as Johnny in the previous films, and it felt like this would be a really exciting opportunity; I was absolutely signed up.” Declaring that he had “big boots” to fill, Quinn said, “I mean, you’re going to make it your own.”

Quinn talked about how The Fantastic Four would fight superhero weariness in the same interview. “I think that with the story of the Fantastic Four, it feels like we want to get this right,” he said. There are elements of it that set it apart from other Marvel movies. I found that to be really fascinating. Returning to the people involved, I think Matt Shakman is a wonderful filmmaker, the cast is excellent, and the writing is excellent from what I’ve read. It’s very amazing. I’m thrilled to get this chance.” Quinn stated, “Movies about superheroes are movies about people.” “People go to the theaters to watch movies because they are engrossed in the people, the characters, the danger, and the spectacle.” With this one, we’re in for more than just a cent. We intend to pursue it.

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