The first Marvel Crime novel by Jessica Jones, “Shatters Perfection”

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The next Marvel crime series thriller, Breaking the Dark: A Jessica Jones Marvel Crime Novel, written by number one New York Times bestselling author Lisa Jewell, is a unique narrative featuring Jessica Jones, a private investigator. Marvel has revealed an intriguing first look at the cover for the first book in the new Marvel Crime fiction series for adults, titled Breaking the Dark: A Jessica Jones Marvel Crime Novel. Hyperion Avenue, an imprint of Disney Publishing Worldwide, is set to publish the new series in July. “Meet Jessica Jones: Retired superhero, private investigator, loner,” says Marvel’s summary of the book. She gave it her all to be a flashy, spandex-clad criminal investigator, but all that life brought about was terrible pain. She now completely avoids that society and focuses on getting by in Hell’s Kitchen, New York.”

Jessica would much rather nurse her hangover and try to forget last night’s bad decisions when a distraught mother walks into her office. However, she connects with Amber Randall’s tale in some way. Amber is convinced that her teenage twins had an incident while in the UK, visiting their father. The twins no longer behave like themselves; they have perfect skin, no longer exhibit any of their characteristic tics or mannerisms, and they can’t stop talking about Belle. Amber maintains that something awful, something “beautiful,” has taken the place of her kids.” Jessica Jones goes to see the enigmatic Belle, who lives with an odd female guardian, in the little British countryside town of Barton Harlop. Jessica is driven to solve the mystery behind the Randall twins’ altered personalities by her mistrust of perfection. The first book in the brand-new Marvel Crime series, Breaking the Dark, introduces readers to a more gritty, everyday aspect of the Marvel Universe. The series’ upcoming volumes will examine Alex Segura’s Daredevil and S.A. Cosby’s Luke Cage.

Jewell spoke about where she got the idea for Jessica Jones, I adore Jessica Jones! Who is not enamoured with Jessica Jones? She said, “I’ve never written about a private investigator, so it felt like there was a lot to get my hooks into.” Jessica Jones is not just my favourite Marvel character, but she’s also a private investigator. First, Jewell confessed, I started reading the whole Alias comic series by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos. When I reached the first page of my novel, I was filled with pure Jessica energy. “I pictured these scenes like frames in a comic book: black, roiling, stormy sky, and Jessica with a hangover,” the author remarked, describing her creative approach for Breaking the Dark. “After that, I imagined a well-dressed client arriving at her workplace with a tale about her teenage twins acting strangely upon their return from the UK, and I decided to follow the story wherever it led.” Things like “themes” and “topics” are never part of a book’s original concept because that’s how I always write; they just naturally arise as I write,” Jewell said. A rollercoaster transatlantic adventure involving a colourful cast of rogues and villains, a power-crazed beauty influencer, some dark romance, a precocious teen detective, clairvoyants, dystopian tech, Jessica Jones at her most Jessica-y, and an immortal cat named Mr. Smith is what readers can expect from Jewell’s book.

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