The Loki Season 2 premiere attracts a strong audience

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Disney+’s internal analytics shows that Loki Season 2’s premiere attracted a sizable audience for the streaming service. Using the industry-standard approach of total watching time divided by run time, the second season premiere of the Marvel television series reportedly attracted 10.9 million viewers worldwide in just three days. In North America, Loki made its premiere on October 5 at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT, and on October 6 in the majority of other countries. This amounts to almost 512 million minutes of total viewing, or 8.54 million hours, given that the episode lasted 47 minutes. According to Disney+, Loki’s three-day total viewership compares favourably to Ahsoka, which made its debut in August with 14 million views. It’s important to note that the Star Wars series reached this number during a five-day period rather than three. Loki is therefore anticipated to outperform Ahsoka’s five-day cumulative audience. Loki also had the second-highest viewed launch of any Disney+ series in 2023, after only The Mandalorian’s Season 3 premiere in March.

Given that Loki’s first season had the highest viewership of any Marvel series on Disney+ up to that time, Loki Season 2’s great start should come as no surprise. According to Nielsen data, Loki Season 1 averaged 872 million viewing minutes per week over the course of its six-week run in June and July 2021, outpacing the second-placed Marvel series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which averaged 692 million minutes per week. Eric Martin, the show’s head writer for Season 2, recently discussed how the events of Season 1 impacted this Loki version and hinted at what viewers might expect from forthcoming episodes. “Season 1, and Episode 1 in particular, confused his thinking. By the conclusion of that, he is aware of his own mortality. Even the infinity stones are useless at this new level of things, he realises. So he had to start over from scratch and discover who he was, he claimed. Loki had “sort of forgotten who he was,” Martin remarked, referring to the character’s transformation towards a more heroic demeanour in Season 2. So, even if Loki is still our hero, we’re going back to the basics of who he is. Resuming our discussion of the God of Mischief. Therefore, we see him employing all of the God of Mischief’s skills in his new role as a hero.

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