The new look for Deadpool 3 may hint to a dark turn.

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It was only a matter of time until beloved characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe returned after the universe blew the lid off of the MCU. Characters like the Spider-Man portrayals portrayed by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield were unexpected, whereas Deadpool seemed more like a question of when rather than if. Now that their involvement with the MCU in Deadpool 3 has been confirmed, it’s difficult to conceive what further surprises there may be. Now that filming has started, a new outfit for Deadpool has been seen, showing Wade donning a mask with considerably bolder black circles. It’s a tribute to the character’s appearances in the 1990s even if it’s quite similar to his previous film roles. And it could hint to a far grimmer turn for Deadpool, where he’ll act more selfishly and tragically than ever.

Deadpool has changed throughout the last ten years as a result of public popularity. Although this is by no means a bad thing for the anti-hero, it has changed him from the “sad-clown” stereotype to a comical anti-hero who cracks jokes and breaches the fourth wall. Wade Wilson was more of an anti-villain before the movies catapulted his renown to new heights. This was best displayed in his debut appearance in New Mutants #98 (by Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld) and his 1994 mini-series Deadpool (by Mark Waid and Ian Churchill). In those tales, Wade never asked a question before opening fire, and although he did defend innocent people, it wasn’t his first goal. He was more concerned about being paid and being left alone. In many respects, the Deadpool of the 1990s was a much more subdued version of The Mask, who existed only to wreak havoc and ruin everything in its path. Since Deadpool was more self-serving and untrustworthy than most people, even if he wasn’t one to murder anything that moved, this resulted in combustible situations. As a result, his bright red outfit has come to be associated with a more violent time in his past, which may carry over into his upcoming film.

In the movies, Deadpool maintained his comic book persona’s level of violence and sarcasm. He was more heroic, though, to make him more appealing to a larger audience. Additionally, having a love interest like Vanessa provided him a purpose to fight for and demonstrated that he could be relied upon to act morally under any circumstances. Without verifying that Vanessa would accompany Wade through the universe, Wade will probably become more vicious and destructive than ever as a result of losing his planet. Wade’s explosive inclinations may be contrasted by Wolverine, a violent but far more heroic figure, who will also serve to remind Wade that doing the right thing is all that matters, no matter what the circumstances. The brighter, more comically realistic design of his costume might have, however, previously hinted at this change. If so, the outfit would be a throwback to a time when Deadpool’s appeal stemmed not from his humour but rather from his violent unpredictableness.

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