The next Marvel Spider-Man game will only have Miles Morales as its main subject

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Miles Morales will continue to be the primary Spider-Man in the PlayStation series, according to the creators of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. The long-term effects of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s conclusion were examined in an interview with advanced writer Brittney Morris and narrative director Ben Arfmann of Insomniac Games. At the conclusion of the game, Peter Parker makes the decision to step away from his role as Spider-Man in order to create the Emily-May Foundation and give his relationship with Mary Jane Watson more attention. The new Spider-Man cuts Peter off before he can clumsily tell Miles, saying, “I got this.” Everything about it. For a little, pretend to be Peter Parker.” In response to a question about whether Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 producer Insomniac Games always planned for Peter to hand the reins to Miles at the conclusion, Morris stated that the series was a logical progression from its predecessors. “To me, it shows a great deal of evolution from Miles; at the beginning of the game, we see him struggling to figure out what he wants to do with his life, “Morris remarked. By the time it was all over, Miles was not only protecting the city but also carrying Pete when he was too weak to do so on occasion. Writing a narrative about two Spider-Men has been really awesome since they are both powerful and can be strong when the other isn’t. By the conclusion, Miles exudes confidence and says, “Yeah, I can handle this. “After what we recently experienced, how much worse can things get? “

Arfmann added his own voice. “To reiterate what Brittney mentioned, this game’s concept of a dual Spider-Man tale was always crucial. We realised early on, I believe, that we wanted to have that transfer of power. And as we worked on it and added additional tracks leading up to that point, it seemed more and more appropriate. The way Miles reads Pete’s mind precisely and prevents him from making a mistake when attempting to give the mask to him. Miles is saying, “You know I got this, bro,” and they are having such a wonderful time together. I’m not sure when we exactly agreed to do that, but it always felt like the only way the game could finish, and it felt like such a logical ending.” Fans may anticipate seeing more of Cindy Moon, better known as the spider heroine Silk, in the next Marvel’s Spider-Man game, in addition to Miles taking the lead role as the main webslinger. When it came to the potential story points for the character developed by Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos (The Amazing Spider-Man April 2014), both writers at Insomniac Games were thrilled. Ironically, neither author would admit or deny that Miles’s Venom costume idea ever occurred to them.

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