The penultimate chapter of Wolverine’s Sabretooth war is released.

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The creative team behind Wolverine includes writers Victor LaValle and Benjamin Percy, artist Geoff Shaw, colorist Alex Sinclair, and letterer Cory Petit. The story picks up where the last Wolverine left off—after Sabretooth managed to neutralize Wolverine’s powers—but before the sadistic antagonist could murder Wolverine, he was attacked by his old ally Nekra. Nekra hit him with the Killing Seed, which grew like Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors and swallowed Sabreooth whole. We’ll find out next week just how the Killing Seed affects Sabretooth and if it will be enough to change the course of the Sabretooth War.

LaValle has been the writer overseeing Sabretooth’s plot development for years, leading up to this moment in the crossover. After being banished to Krakoa’s Pit, Sabretooth was soon accompanied by other mutants, including as Nekra and Oya, a former pupil of Wolverine. After a while, Sabretooth managed to get free, and Doug Ramsey from the Krakoan Quiet Council granted the other banished mutants their freedom in return for their commitment to track Sabretooth down. Doug handed Nekra the enigmatic “Killing Seed,” telling her it was hers to unleash on Sabretooth at any time.

Years after it was first revealed, Nekra ultimately unleashed the Killing Seed on Sabretooth in Wolverine. In the meantime, Wolverine, devoid of his mutant abilities, has put on an armored suit constructed of Adamantium that he had specially ordered for exactly such a situation. The preview pages begin with a summary of Sabretooth’s situation, which was that he was going to use Kid Omega to win his battle by using the power neutralizer cannon on Wolverine; however, Quire betrayed Sabretooth just in time to prevent Nekra from utilizing the Seed and arriving.

Next, we discover the precise function of the Killing Seed. In the preview pages, it appears as though a holographic Doug would give a prisoner Sabretooth a lecture, similar to what Ramsey had previously told Nekra about how this destiny may be worse than death. Is it conceivable that Doug thinks an enforced morality/ethics lesson is worse than death for someone like Sabretooth? Next week, we’ll find out for sure (and get to see Wolverine looking amazing in his Adamantium Armor).

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