The reason Kevin Feige said to Hugh Jackman not to play Wolverine

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Hugh Jackman will play the X-Men character for the first time since 2017’s Logan in the eagerly awaited Deadpool & Wolverine. President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige, however, had various suggestions regarding Jackman playing his legendary role again. Kevin Feige reportedly felt that Hugh Jackman’s comeback was a bad decision. The legendary character was portrayed by the actor in the first three X-Men films as well as other spin-offs, the last of which included Wolverine’s demise in Logan. Feige didn’t believe it was a smart idea for Jackman to play Wolverine again because of how the movie ended.

“Let me give you some advice, Hugh,” I said. Don’t return,” Feige remembers. “Your ending with Logan was the best in history. That’s not anything we ought to take back.” The head of Marvel said that the Wolverine in Deadpool & Wolverine, the highly anticipated superhero movie, will not be the same as the Wolverine of the earlier X-Men films. Fortunately, Jackman didn’t follow Feige’s counsel. During a lengthy trip, the actor gave it some thought and concluded it was something he wanted to accomplish. Jackman says, “I was about an hour into the drive.” “And I started to wonder, ‘What do I want to do?'” And I was eager to tackle Deadpool and Wolverine as soon as I posed the subject. It simply seemed right to me. I continued to drive for an additional hour. couldn’t put it out of her mind. After exiting the vehicle, I contacted Ryan and said, “If you’ll have me, I’m in.”

The sole picture that Marvel Cinematic Studios is releasing in 2024 is Deadpool & Wolverine, and fans are hoping that the superhero movie will provide the company the much-needed boost it needs for its current Phase Five. Both of the Deadpool movies have been incredibly well received, and fans have been eagerly awaiting the third one since lead actor Ryan Reynolds said in 2019 that a sequel was being developed. Not only is there excitement about a new Deadpool movie, but Hugh Jackman, who had previously resigned from the role of Wolverine, will be returning to the role. The actor revealed to the same publication that Wolverine has several tricks in his sleeve in this movie. Putting the character in his recognizable yellow X-Men comics outfit is one of them. “In The Wolverine, we came close to doing it,” Jackman said. However, as soon as I uploaded it, I thought, ‘How did we never do this?’ It felt good, and it looked right. That’s him, I thought. There are facets of Wolverine that the films haven’t shown us yet. For me, it was thrilling. He was also unable to turn down the chance to work with Reynolds as a co-star. Jackman jokingly said, “It’s great for Deadpool to have someone who will punch him in the face.”

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