The Sentinels vs. the Summerses in an X-Men ’97 clip

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In a scene from “Tolerance is Extinction – Part 1,” this week’s X-Men ’97 episode, Cable, Jean Grey, and Cyclops engage Prime Sentinels in combat. Unfortunately, this turns out to be some rather awful news for the Prime Sentinels, akin to the video game Sentinels from “Motendo/Lifedeath – Part 1.” The trio is in a car at the start of the clip, and Prime Sentinels are pursuing them. The party drives into a cave after dodging Prime Sentinels obstructing their path, only to run across additional Prime Sentinels attempting to surround them. After punching the roof off, Cable exclaims, “Time’s taught me anything, when you can’t go back…plow forward!” before opening fire on the Prime Sentinels.

After adding, “Okay, let’s show these toasters why you don’t screw with the Summers,” Cyclops creates a new tunnel for them with his optic force blasts while Cable continues to fire at the Prime Sentinels that are following them. As Cyclops and Cable give each other a fist bump and Jean forms a telekinetic bubble around the three of them, the party exits the car before it hits the ground. Before the program debuted, the summary for “Tolerance is Extinction – Part 1” and the next two chapters were distributed with other synopses for the first season of X-Men ’97. In controversy is the synopsis that said the Children of the Atom had to “unite to face a new threat.”

Furthermore, Chris Potter, an actor for Cable, may have hinted to Gambit’s comeback in “Tolerance is Extinction,” saying, “They told me I’d be playing a new character.” “What do you mean?” I asked. My name is Gambit. ‘Not anymore, we’re murdering him off in episode three,’ they said. You are now going to be Cable. It appears that Cable is the only one who can restore Gambit to life. Director Jake Castorena ironically stated that X-Men ’97 wouldn’t reverse the sacrifices made by Gambit and Magneto in “Remember It.” As for X-Men ’97 itself, producer Brad Winderbaum declared that Season 3 is already in the works, saying, “We’re continuing that, just like the original series that drew so heavily from Chris Claremont’s work.” We’re looking at the period of the late 1970s, mid-1970s, to early 1990s. We do venture a little farther into the 1990s, nearly reaching Grant Morrison, when we stop playing in the Chris Claremont sandbox. However, it is unquestionably based on the storylines from the novels, exactly like the original series.” Seasons 2 and 3’s plots are still being kept under wraps.

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