The Shazam 2 star tried out for an X-Men superhero role

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It turns out that Mary Bloomfield from the DC Universe’s Shazam! Fury of the Gods, Grace Caroline Currey, had tried out for the X-Men. Before to Disney’s acquisition of Fox, the rival studio of the mouse regularly produced X-Men movies. Of course, the first three from the early 2000s still exist. Then came First Class, a half-reboot for the series that was a little disorganised and perplexing. The cast for this new generation, including Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy or Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender, was somehow able to compete with the original portrayals of these renowned characters, despite how complicated they were. Recently it has been reported that a current Shazam! star may have had a significant role in the most recent X-Men lineup.

Lady Shazam Almost Became an X-Men Member

Grace Caroline Currey, the star of Shazam! Fury of the Gods, revealed in an exclusive interview with The Direct that she had previously tried out for a major X-Men film before hopping on the DC Comics boat. Currey recalled her initial “audition for X-Men back in the day for Jean Gray,” a part that eventually went to Sophie Turner of Game of Thrones:

“You know, I gave the Jean Gray audition for the X-Men years ago. Yes, Sophie Turner did that to portray young Jean Gray. She won the role. And I have no idea, you know. I’m not sure.

She could seek a future part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though. The actress said that she “[doesn’t] know” which prospective character would be ideal because she “is such a DC person”:

“I have to admit that I am a huge DC fan, especially when it comes to comics. I feel like I know DC better. Naturally, Marvel is so… Since we got Iron Man and everyone over there, they frequently bring out characters that people are less familiar with. But I’m not sure…

In the MCU, who might Grace Caroline Currey play?

The X-Men are, as luck would have it, just around the bend. She could have another chance to defeat Jean Grey. Another candidate is the mutant with the ability to phase through objects, Kitty Pryde. She even keeps a little purple dragon as a pet. She may then portray an adult X-23, depending on the direction the MCU takes with its X-Men canon. But it’s obvious that Currey is content with her current position in the DCU. Perhaps Shazam and his family will play a significant role in James Gunn’s new concept.

Shazam! Release day for Wrath of the Gods is March 17 on Friday.

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