The terrifying X-Men villain’s arrival is confirmed in the trailer for Deadpool and Wolverine.

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Finally giving us a full glimpse of the film’s scary villain, Emma Corrin’s Cassandra Nova, “sister” to Charles Xavier, comes Marvel’s official Deadpool & Wolverine teaser. In the teaser, Nova appears to be winning a fight against Wolverine thanks to her telepathic abilities, as she totally disarms and immobilizes Logan in his comic-accurate armor. Although it wasn’t a good glimpse, Cassandra Nova had already made an appearance during the first Deadpool & Wolverine teaser video. A dark silhouette with a characteristic tall collar was seen in the first teaser, seen from behind. Now that a better image has been released in the video, it is certain that Cassandra Nova is the character. As a parasitic species that resembles their “twin” in reverse and emerges from the womb before to birth, Nova is a Mummudrai in the comic books. Nova duplicates Charles Xavier’s DNA to create her own host body, acting as a psychic double of the scientist. Despite their lack of biological kinship, Nova is an exact replica of Xavier that escaped his first effort to destroy her by adopting a new host body. Her evil past includes planning a genocide on Genosha that resulted in the eradication of 16 million mutants, and her main goal is to destroy Charles Xavier since she believes it to be the ultimate power.

Nova is endowed with many powerful abilities, such as telepathy and the capacity to project a psychic shield for protection. She possesses the ability to create illusions and psychic disguises, as well as the capacity to control, erase, and cause mental paralysis in others. In addition, Nova possesses the ability to change minds, project physical and mental shields, and release strong psionic blasts. She can project her consciousness and form thanks to her astral talents, and she also possesses a special mental detection skill that allows her to spot mutants nearby by identifying their specific mental radiations. She also has levitation and telekinetic powers, a strong healing factor, and the ability to duplicate DNA, which magnifies any abilities she pilfers. She is also capable of phasing through solid objects. Emma Corrin, a British performer best known for her roles in A Murder at the End of the World, My Policeman, Lady Chatterley’s Lover, and The Crown, plays Nova in her live-action feature debut. “I’d heard about the project, but they couldn’t tell me anything about it,” Corrin said in a classic Marvel manner. Nothing at all. Nothing. I was like, “I don’t know what this is about,” when I first met him. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be a part of this phenomenon. In particular, I adore Deadpool’s ability to be both self-aware and critical of its own internal workings.”

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