The trailer for Deadpool and Wolverine breaks all previous records set by the MCU.

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Even though Deadpool & Wolverine is still several months away from release, it has already surpassed all prior Marvel movies put together in terms of box office receipts. Even while it’s an amazing accomplishment, it makes sense considering that Deadpool & Wolverine will be the first R-rated MCU movie. Multiple expletives are spoken in the latest Deadpool & Wolverine trailer. Even if they are bleeped, there are enough of them in there to break the record for the most F-bombs—and swear words, in general—in any MCU film. Six F-bombs have been dropped, and those aren’t the only offensive ones. Even when you account for inaudible and cut-off F-bombs, that’s more than all of the other MCU films combined.

Notably, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 in 2023 was the first MCU film to feature the first F-bomb. Director James Gunn and actor Chris Pratt have also discussed how the phrase was improvised and not even sure it would make the final cut. That opened the door for Deadpool & Wolverine to be extremely profane, and the trailer is probably only a tiny taste of what fans can expect from the R-rated picture. In earlier Spider-Man movies, the F-word was almost said, but it was interrupted before it could be said. Another scene from Iron Man 2 features Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark being told, “F*ck you, Mr. Stark, f*ck you, buddy,” by a senator played by Garry Shandling. However, the sequence is bleeped out on TV. There aren’t quite as many F-bombs in these incidents combined as there are in the most recent Deadpool & Wolverine trailer. “It is comparable to the other two, I can say that. The movie’s rating is “like hard R,” as Karan Soni, who plays Deadpool and Deadpool 2 again in the movie, previously told “A lot of that stuff is present. Thus, it feels the same.”

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