The TV-14 rating of X-Men ’97 is discussed by the supervising director.

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Jake Castorena, supervising director of X-Men ’97, talked about the TV-14 rating of the Disney+ series and the production team’s intention with it. That objective, though, might not be what one would initially believe. In an interview with IGN, Castorena discussed this subject with episodic directors Chase Coney and Emi Yonemura. “Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should as far as violence or showcasing stuff, because also when you show too much gory graphic-ness, it tends to desensitize the audience,” Casotrena said. “Ideally our goal is to not have the audience become desensitized to the violence, but to be emotionally exhausted from it, to live in that true realm of how our characters are living with it.”

“First and foremost, story over everything,” Castorena continued, adding that it wasn’t a difficulty and that anything that doesn’t advance the plot shouldn’t be included. “What does the story need for what moment and when and where is that line?” he said. “That’s what we work together as a team to figure out.” In addition to discussing the rating, Castorena also discussed the animation style, claiming that X-Men ’97 is “a 2D hand-animated show” and praising the work of both the show’s internal animation team and its foreign vendor, Studio Mir. Castorena explained, “We found out very quickly that if we go too modern, too advanced, too many bells and whistles, it doesn’t feel like the OG show, but if we go too old, audiences of today aren’t going to want to watch it,” as to why the style is authentic to X-Men: The Animated Series.

In keeping with this, Castorena declared that “looking at what was happening between ’96 and ’98” was necessary to capture a throwback ’90s vibe. Despite this, the production crew still needed to “make sure it still slaps for today” and keep X-Men ’97 current. Returning to the subject of X-Men: The Animated Series, former showrunner Beau DeMayo talked about how the plot of the former will be continued in X-Men ’97. In February, he stated that every design decision is “actually a clue to the storylines the production team is doing” and that nothing is chosen at random. DeMayo went on to say that the other purpose was to return the Children of the Atom “to a state of mind in which they are considering what portion of this they would like to retain. Was life back then really easier, or were we simply more innocent?” To a curious fan, DeMayo confirmed that X-Men ’97 is canonical to the MCU, saying, “We are our own thing.”

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