The video game industry condemns the Insomniac hack and supports the Spider-Man developers.

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Following the PlayStation studio’s theft and subsequent public exposure of its confidential data, which involved the creation of Marvel’s Spider-Man, the video game industry is extending its support to Insomniac Games. A group of hackers known as the Rhysida ransomware gang reportedly broke into Insomniac Games’ servers and released over a terabyte of internal data online after threatening to do the same to the Spider-Man creators if their cash ransom wasn’t paid. According to reports, the leak includes information on the studio’s next projects with Marvel Games, including the upcoming Wolverine game and the Spider-Man series. But the most detrimental result of the hacking of Insomiac’s computers was the exposure of workers’ private data.

“Until it was made public, my team and I have been living in pure terror of a leak,” Dinga Bakaba of Marvel’s Blade, Arkane Studios, stated on the social networking site X. “I had nightmares every night and experienced my first physical signs of stress in decades when the rumours began to circulate. This kind of stuff is painful, and at this point, insomniacs need our consideration, compassion, and assistance.” Santa Monica Studio’s (God of War) creative director Cory Barlog voiced similar support for the Insomniac devs. Head of Naughty Dog and co-creator of the The Last of Us series, Neil Druckmann, has lent assistance to other PlayStation developers. To our friends at Insomniac Games, we look forward to playing your next titles as soon as YOU decide they’re ready! We’ll be your patient supporters up to that point.” In addition to denouncing the cyberattack that affected them, video game companies such as Wushu Studios (Fall Guys, Baldur’s Gate 3) and Remedy Entertainment (Alan Wake 2) are extending their support to Insomniac Games. A few instances of support for Insomniac Games on X are listed below. As of right now, Insomniac Games and Sony/PlayStation have not responded to the current leak. For the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 are available. For the PS5, Marvel’s Wolverine is currently being developed.

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