The working title for Fantastic Four is allegedly known and hints to a universe adventure

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A new story claims to have revealed the working title for Marvel Studios’ Fantastic Four revival. The project is reportedly under production, and its working title is “Blue Moon.” The title “Blue Moon” may provide a hint about the Fantastic Four movie’s ambitions, despite the fact that at first glance this would seem like a musical biography of the iconic doo-wop group The Marcels. Working titles frequently refer to story points, but they can also be entirely unrelated to the particular project at hand. Because of this, it’s plausible—though somewhat unlikely—that the movie may discuss the “Blue Area of the Moon” created by Marvel Comics. According to legend from comic books, the Luther Crater’s Blue Area of the Moon is a man-made habitat. The Fantastic Four find it and use it as a base for their first encounter with the Red Ghost. There, they find the remains of an alien metropolis and the Citadel of Uatu the Watcher. The Blue Area of the Moon was developed a million years ago by the Skrulls, who were just featured heavily in Secret Invasion, as a testing location for the Kree. Later, after the Kree revolted and fled on a Skrull spacecraft, it was abandoned. Since then, the site has appeared several times in different Marvel comic books.

There have been rumours that Antonio Banderas may play Galactus, the main antagonist in Fantastic Four. Intriguingly, Uatu the Watcher had forewarned the Fantastic Four about Galactus; this is relevant to the speculated working title of “Blue Moon.” This might also imply that after making animated cameos in I Am Groot and What If…?, where Jeffrey Wright provided the voice of the character, the live-action Uatu would join the MCU with an appearance in Fantastic Four. Naturally, all of this is currently just conjecture, since Marvel Studios has not yet provided any official narrative specifics or character information. The film will be directed by Matt Shakman, who previously oversaw WandaVision, as far as we know. Josh Friedman, the writer of the Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes and the Avatar series, will also be contributing to the script. There haven’t been any casting announcements made as of yet, but there have also been plenty of rumours.

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