The writer of Loki: season two talks about MCU plans for Kang the Conqueror

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Loki Season 2 hasn’t addressed Kang the Conqueror’s destiny, despite the fact that he is expected to be the next big antagonist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Writer Eric Martin stated in an interview that he does not know exactly what role Kang will play in the MCU as Phase Five progresses.”Well,I’m not sure of plans going forward,that’s a greater Marvel decision for me,”he stated.Rather, Martin’s group concentrated on Victor Timely, Kang’s variation, and his influence on the narrative.”It was like, ‘All right, let’s look at another rendition of this.'”What aspect of Victor Timely surprises you?And you know what, I believe you go there expecting this strong, evil guy, but what you get is someone who is a little bit of a huckster.He is skilled at what he does.He was simply born into the wrong era.Additionally, I believe there is a tonne of fascinating character development there. It felt, therefore, like meaty, rich land. I said to myself, “Lead us in that direction.” And everything felt pleasant.”

In addition to deflecting focus from the actual Kang and his schemes, Loki Season 2 refrained from including an excessive number of clues or Easter Eggs pertaining to the Fantastic Four. Martin said, “We did consider incorporating some elements from the comic version, but in the end, it was just like, ‘No, let’s just kind of do our own version of him.” And, of course, there’s the Wisconsin thing. However, I believe that’s among the few things. After raising the stakes in Episode 4, Loki Executive Producer Kevin Wright recently declared that the finest two episodes of Season 2 are 5 and 6. He called them “beautiful.” “I believe that to be the essence of Episodes 5 and 6. I truly believe that episodes 5 and 6 may be the two finest of this season if viewers enjoyed Episode 4, Wright stated. “They are meaningful and lovely at the same time. They evoke strong emotions. And that tale acceleration is the only reason we are able to go there.” Wright clarified that the creative team was driven to advance the plot more quickly because of the lessons they had learnt from Loki Season 1. In all of our screenplays and storytelling, we always want to ask, “What happens if we move that forward? That thing you think is going to happen in Episode 6, or could happen in the finale or towards the end?” he said. What if we just hit the storyline early and at a faster pace?

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