The X-Men ’97 EP reveals Kevin Feige’s two requirements for the series to happen.

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Brad Winderbaum, the head of streaming for Marvel Studios and an executive producer on the project, has disclosed the requirements set out by Marvel Studios President and Kevin Feige for the production of X-Men ’97. In an interview, Winderbaum talked about these circumstances, recollecting, “X-Men ’97 was my first out-of-the-box notion when we were able to do additional animated series after the success of What If…? Kevin Feige then said, “Okay, let’s do it if we can get the song and the original cast.” And happily, we succeeded in doing so.” The theme music for X-Men: The Animated Series is owned by Marvel, and series consultant Eric Lewald has previously discussed this possibility, stating in 2022 that the tune “wasn’t a done deal necessarily” when Marvel was making X-Men ’97. He went on, “The rights were all over the place.” “I believe that a secondary party negotiated on their behalf because they had the music rights. It goes without saying that you need that tune to perform the new show. However, I’m convinced the price was high since the person selling it knew the same thing.”

Focusing on X-Men ’97 specifically, former showrunner Beau DeMayo responded to a fan’s question on whether the programme is canonical to the Marvel Cinematic Universe by saying that it is “its own thing.” In a more recent statement, Winderbaum promised that superheroes who aren’t mutants will make “the same level of cameos” as in the original series. Winderbaum continued, “There is a universe of ’90s cartoons that we know,” even though X-Men ’97 is not in the sacred timeline. We know there’s always possibility for connections if your brain wants to go there because of Loki and every other multiverse narrative. Regarding the original series, DeMayo talked about how the plot would be carried out in X-Men ’97, saying that no decision was made at random and that every design choice was a hint to the plots the production team was working on. Throwing the X-Men “back to a time where they’re thinking: What part of this do I want to keep? ” was the second motivation. Was life back then really easier, or were we simply more innocent?” Similar to this, DeMayo stated in 2023 that “about several months after Professor X left Earth after being shot by Henry Gyrich” would be the setting for X-Men ’97. This announcement has resulted in a greater level of empathy for mutants in the swan song of X-Men: The Animated Series. Although the Children of the Atom later wonder what lies ahead for them, DeMayo said that things are beginning to look better for mutants.

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