Thor’s adoration for Taika Waititi started due of massive Marvel cash

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Significant debate has been sparked by Taika Waititi’s most recent remarks on Thor and joining the Marvel universe. Waititi made an appearance on a podcast with Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, and Sean Hayes. In more explicit terms, Waititi was questioned about her experiences as a longtime Marvel supporter, particularly in light of the director’s radically different approach to filmmaking. “What do you know? Waititi remarked, “I had no interest in doing one of those films.” It wasn’t part of my original idea for my auteur career. However, I didn’t have much money and had recently given birth to my second child when I realised that this would be a wonderful chance to feed the kids. When they contacted later, they said, “Would you like to do this?” And let’s be honest, the Thor franchise wasn’t that great. I never used to read Thor comics as a child.” He went on to express his apparent contempt for Thor, saying, “I would pick up that comic and be like, ‘Ugh,’ and never open it. After that, I read one Thor comic, or eighteen pages, or however long they are, and conducted some research on the subject. I could not get this character out of my head. After that, I reasoned that my character was the only thing I could contribute. Observing Thor alone… He appears ludicrous and is like this millionaire who lives in space, and that was the end. Just to be clear about it. Jason, he’s kind of like you and me. He detests pathogens.”

Even if Waititi didn’t think much of Thor at the time, Marvel didn’t seem to be that concerned. “I think there was no place left for them to go with that,” Waititi stated. “I felt as though this was the bottom of the barrel—well, they’ve called me in,” the speaker said. He complimented Kevin Feige for “taking great swings” at various filmmakers yet managing to keep all these disparate aesthetics consistent with the Marvel signature look. He also concurred that, in spite of Marvel fans’ “hatred” of the fact that he was hired, he had an excellent experience all around. Waititi, who is starting to be perceived as a cynic, received a lot of critical feedback in response to his remarks. He said last week that his next Star Wars movie will “p*** people off,” but then he disclosed that he intended to revisit the original trilogy in order to restore the franchise’s charm. Waititi has stated that he likes Marvel and Chris Hemsworth, despite his initial dislike of Thor. The latter disclosed last year that the main reason Waititi decided to return for Love and Thunder was because of the “beautiful script”—a “wacky, crazy, romantic comedy set in space and that I hadn’t seen before.”

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