Wakanda Forever to get an Oscar?

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Marvel Studios has put a lot of effort on the sequel of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever after Chadwick Boseman’s unfortunate demise. We could see that their entire unit including production crew, casts & marketing team were in shock on what to do next, as the main lead the Black Panther was gone from this world. But they made sure they give due respect to him even if he was not in the movie physically but the soul of the movie was entirely about him.

And all came together so well with lots of emotions, actions and of course entertainment that Wakanda Forever has become one of the fine art from Marvel Studios. This brings up to the main aftermath quest that, will this can be included in Oscar & win? Well Marvel Studios does want that and we can see that they have started their campaign for the same to bring their well deserved Oscar, home.

Its been more than a decade since Marvel Studios is producing movies having good stories, action & entertainment, we believe that emotions were also there but with Wakanda Forever has brought those emotions at all time high. And it feels about the right time to go for the biggest award of Hollywood Film Industry.

Go Marvel, go to Oscars & WIN the Best Movie award for Wakanda Forever.

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