Walker Scobell not cast as Kidpool in Deadpool 3

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According to a recent tweet by CanWeGeekSomedayToday, Walker Scobell will not be playing Kidpool in #Deadpool3. Despite having already shot scenes for the movie, it’s unclear whether Scobell’s footage will be used or if it was just for stunts. This news has left fans wondering who will now play the role of Kidpool and if the character will even appear in the movie.

However, some fans have taken to social media to suggest that Timothee Chalamet would be the perfect fit for the role of Kidpool. Chalamet has already proven his acting chops in various films and has a large following among younger audiences. With his talent and popularity, he could bring a fresh energy to the role and embody the character’s quirky personality.

Overall, while it’s disappointing that Walker Scobell will not be playing Kidpool in #Deadpool3, it’s exciting to speculate on who might take on the role. Whether it’s Timothee Chalamet or someone else entirely, fans are eagerly anticipating the release of the movie and can’t wait to see what surprises it has in store.

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