What If…? after the season 2 finale, a writer responds to a major query from fans.

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What If…? A.C. Bradley, the lead writer of the anthology series, has clarified how Season 2 concluded. The Season 2 conclusion, “What If… Strange Supreme Intervened?” imagines an ultimate clash between Strange Supreme and Captain Carter and Kahhori, and it brings together a number of the other What If…? characters in a significant way. After the season ended, Bradley answered a frequently asked question on X following the premiere of the last episode. When fans questioned why the season’s conclusion did not go as planned, Bradley said on X that the main reason for this was the What If…? team’s attempt to infuse the actual world with greater optimism at a crucial juncture.

Wondering why the world doesn’t end in What If…? Season 2 because it has been asked? stated Bradley. From January to October of 2020, we wrote What If…? S2, coinciding with the start of COVID-19, the BLM demonstrations, and the US presidential election. What If…? became our haven, a place where heroes rise against the evil and the most unlikely ones shine brightest—Nebula, Hela, and a young woman hoping to visit a cool lake—when it seemed like OUR world was about to end. Sometimes, saving the world just seems like more fun.” What If…? onDisney+ is already working on a third season, which will please fans of the show. A sneak look trailer from the upcoming season featuring Bucky Barnes, Red Guardian, Ranger Morales, and Bill Foster was released before of the Season 2 finale. It’s still unknown what will be included in the third season of the show or whether viewers’ favourites Captain Carter and Kahhori will still make appearances in the next episodes.

Bradley created What If…? for Disney+ with inspiration from the classic Marvel Comics comic books. The anthology series conjures up brand-new possibilities for how certain Marvel Cinematic Universe events may have transpired. Because of how popular the programme is among fans, it will be the first Marvel series to air onDisney+ for three seasons. A spinoff of Marvel Zombies that is connected to the first-season episode of the programme is also planned.

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