What If…? Director talks about the TV-MA rating for The Marvel Zombies spinoff

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Bryan Andrews, the director and executive producer of What If…?, says the next Marvel Zombies TV series will be “crazy”. It was previously reported that Marvel Zombies, an animated anthology series, will have a spinoff programme. After What If…? Season 2 on Disney+ concluded, Andrews discussed the state of Marvel Zombies, according to Phase Zero. He reiterated that the programme would have an earned TV-MA rating and that it will be far darker than the typical What If…? episode. Additionally, he made it clear that the show will not be a straight copy of the original comic books, but rather a direct spinoff of What If…? with its own original plot.

Regarding the forthcoming concert, Andrews remarked, “That’s going to be crazy.” It’s full TV-MA, yes. It is a result of the actions taken in Episode 105. The idea was that, while the fact that they are zombies and other aspects of the comic serve as some inspiration, we are not at all emulating the comic. We have our own interpretation of it, and a lot of that material was established early on by our talented “What If…” writers. So, let’s just take that and further go into that mythology in that episode. Thus, yes, it’s insane.” Andrews is alluding to “What If… Zombies?!”, the sixth episode of What If…? Season 1. The episode, which imagined a zombie virus afflicting the heroes (and villains) of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was inspired by the Marvel Zombies comic books. In that episode, a few heroic survivors faced a zombified Thanos in Wakanda, hinting at what may happen in this universe moving forward. The TV show will delve even deeper into this well-established interpretation of the Marvel Zombies theme, as Andrews has revealed.

Iman Vellani, star of Marvels and Ms. Marvel, has also revealed that Kamala Khan, one of her characters, will be a key figure in Marvel Zombies. She earlier stated in an interview that she had already finished writing her lines for the programme, and she went on to draw comparisons between Frodo (Elijah Wood) from the Lord of the Rings movies and Kamala on the show. “We completed the task entirely. It was incredible. “It was incredibly enjoyable,” Vellani narrated. “And I adore—the Marvel Zombies series has a tonne of awesome characters. Furthermore, Kamala is the main character in the programme. They told me that she’s essentially the story’s Frodo, and I thought it was incredible.”

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