What if Disney did not own Marvel ??

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe MCU would be as successful as it is today if it wasn’t owned by Disney.In 2015, Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios were freed from the control of Ike Perlmutter and Marvel Entertainment (i.e. which still oversees Marvel Comics, Marvel Television and Marvel Animation). This resulted in the MCU having higher production and advertising budgets as well as greater creative freedom which led to phenomenally good worldwide box office performance.

Marvel built Studios with money they didn’t have, and their cinematic universe was their last ditch effort to save themselves from bankruptcy. Then the Avengers grossed big at the box office. But fresh out of danger, they wouldn’t be economically stable enough to take some creative risks. 

After Phase II, tension between Kevin Feige and Ike Perlmutter would force Feige to leave Marvel. Disney was the force that separated Marvel Studios from the rest of Marvel Entertainment, which kept Feige at the head, but separated Marvel movies from the TV shows. It’s one of the reasons why Age of Ultron is the last movie that references the events of the shows.

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