What If…? Season 2: A 9-episode journey with a season 3 surprise

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What if…? Season 2 being extended to 9 episodes and cutting episode 7, with plans to release it in season 3, follows a similar pattern to how the Iron Man and Grandmaster episode was initially intended for Season 1. This decision by the showrunners provides an interesting twist and opportunity for storytelling. By delaying certain episodes, the creators can complexify the narrative and build anticipation among the audience, allowing for more in-depth character development and plot exploration within each episode.

This strategic move to divide the content over multiple seasons can have several advantages. Firstly, it allows the creative team to delve deeper into each story arc, ensuring a more comprehensive exploration of the alternate realities presented in the show. By dedicating extra time to certain episodes, the creators can provide more intricate details, character dynamics, and world-building, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Secondly, this approach generates excitement and suspense among fans. By teasing an episode in one season and delaying its release until the next, the show builds anticipation and curiosity around the unresolved storyline. It keeps the audience engaged in between seasons, speculating about how the postponed episode will fit into the larger narrative and what new twists and turns await the characters.

The decision to extend What if…? Season 2 to 9 episodes and delay the release of episode 7 until season 3 emulates the successful model of the Iron Man and Grandmaster episode from season 1. This strategic move allows for more in-depth storytelling, increased character development, and an elevated viewer experience. By dividing the content over multiple seasons, the showrunners create suspense and anticipation, keeping fans engaged and excited about the evolving narrative.

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