What If…? writer for season 2 discloses Spider-Man’s extremely dark storyline that was dropped

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Marvel’s What If…? The head writer talks about a potentially “very dark” Spider-Man episode that was shelved in the middle of filming. What If…?’s chief writer, A.C. Bradley, talked about the process of creating many episodes in an interview that aired after the recent second season finale. Bradley went on to discuss a cancelled episode concept that would have had the worst Spider-Man plot in the MCU to date. Bradley compared the possible episode, which was written at the height of the 2020 Covid epidemic, to Alfonso Cuaron’s dismal post-apocalyptic science fiction film Children of Men, which was published in 2006. Bradley explains, “It felt like we didn’t need to add to it; the world was already ending. “It therefore turned into a lighthearted release and a sort of getaway. I did, however, compose an extremely grim episode that will always remain in a drawer. I was referring to it as “Spider-Man’s Children of Men.” Children of Men, which is set in 2027, shows a society that is about to end because of two decades of infertility among humans. When seeking safety, asylum seekers swarm to the UK, only to be confronted with imprisonment and expulsion enforced by the government. Theo Faron, portrayed by Clive Owen, is a civil servant and former freedom warrior who is committed to helping a survivor who is miraculously pregnant navigate the post-apocalyptic world and find a path out of the mayhem.

How Would You Feel If…? Out of all the MCU projects published in 2023, Season 2 has received the highest rating from critics. As of right now, the season has an 83% critics’ score and a 73% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Bradley continued by highlighting the What If…? Season 2 writing team’s choice to concentrate on storylines with underappreciated characters like Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings), Karen Gillan’s Nebula, and Cate Blanchett’s Hela. This decision was made in response to pressure from MCU executives to spotlight A-list stars in Season 1. “There was a push to use the headliners, to do the Black Panther episode, the Doctor Strange episode, and the Tony Stark episode with Season 1,” Bradley clarified. “But we had a little more freedom with Season 2.” It was made public in 2023 that the third season of What If…? was already under development. A teaser portraying Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier working alongside Red Guardian was released by Marvel Studios. It was recently stated by A.C. Bradley on X that she will not be taking on the post of lead writer and showrunner for the upcoming third season of the programme.

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