What is the Harvest of the Secret Invasion?

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With only one episode remaining in Secret Invasion, Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury is surely going all out. He’s officially joined forces with Olivia Colman’s Sonya Falsworth to take down Gravik. The circumstances are awful, though, because they are all the result of Talos’ untimely demise. Nonetheless, they are as determined as ever to prevent the Skrull general from carrying out further terrorist plots. Surprisingly, fans now have a better understanding of what Gravik has been striving for all along. And make no mistake: it’s an item that has the potential to flip the tide and ease his goal to take over the world.

Gravik wants something from Fury called the Harvest, according to Secret Invasion. In Avengers: Endgame, Fury finally tells Sonya that this is DNA from all of the Avengers who fought in the Battle of Earth. There is also blood from cosmic defenders like as Captain Marvel, in addition to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Gravik intends to include this into his Super Skrull machine. Gravik is currently using DNA samples from Groot, a Frost Beast, Extremis, and Cull Obsidian. With these DNA in his vial, though, Fury can make shape-shifters on par with the Avengers. Such troops would be nearly unstoppable. Gravik only found out about this because of Fury’s actions. Gravik was one of the collectors utilised by Fury in the clean-up, believing that the Skrulls would gather the DNA in peace and enable him to save it for a rainy day. Unfortunately, it seeded the seeds of disloyalty in Gravik’s head, leading him to believe they could power up and take over Earth.

One of the most intriguing parts of Fury’s career has been his carelessness. Not to mention that he’s worked behind people’s backs without consulting anybody, which is unavoidable in the spy business. This lack of oversight, however, has enraged the likes of Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. Furthermore, acting in this manner in Secret Invasion resulted in the deaths of Maria Hill and Talos. It appears that the Harvest that Fury kept in Finland was his effort at a backup plan. He may have desired the ability to duplicate heroes. It’s acceptable given that some heroes died in the Snap and others have gone off-world. Furthermore, there are mystical shenanigans in the MCU that may cause them to vanish at the drop of a hat. So it seems to reason that he’d desire the ability to make substitutes. However, if Fury intended to install a backup, he should have collaborated with other Avengers he trusted because, as it is, putting complete reliance in the Skrulls has proven risky.

Gravik’s transformation from a collector to a military leader yearning for a coup is the most visible example of the strategy backfiring. To be sure, the Avengers would not have approved Fury’s blood drive. However, going behind the heroes’ backs to gather weapons or armour throughout the world never seems to succeed. It contradicts the principles of unity, collaboration, transparency, and accountability. Finally, as honest and vulnerable as Fury is today, it’s difficult to sympathise with him as he exploits the Harvest in what remains a high-risk game.

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