Which Marvel character was “off-limits,” according to the creator of X-Men ’97

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Other well-known Marvel characters make some amusing cameos in X-Men ’97, and you never know who could show up for a cameo next. But don’t expect to see a particular foul-mouthed fan favorite anytime soon, as he was reportedly “off-limits” for the X-Men ’97 squad. Beau DeMayo, who also functioned as showrunner for the first season, developed X-Men ’97, which is a continuation of X-Men: The Animated Series. DeMayo has subsequently left the show for unspecified reasons, although he has remained quite approachable on social media when fans ask him questions concerning the cartoon series. To a fan who inquired, “Where is Deadpool at?” DeMayo said, “Yeah, he was off-limits.”

Deadpool’s inability to be utilized was not explained, although it could have something to do with the character’s impending big-screen comeback with the theatrical release of Deadpool & Wolverine. Even if they are different versions of the characters, it’s plausible that Marvel didn’t want Deadpool and Wolverine to appear together on screen prior to their major team-up in the next movie. Regardless, fans shouldn’t expect to see Deadpool appear in X-Men ’97 anytime soon, but because the series has numerous seasons planned, it’s likely that the Merc With a Mouth may appear at some point. Even with the potential number of appearances in X-Men ’97, Deadpool & Wolverine is likely to have far more than that. Some unexpected character comebacks have already been revealed by the advertising materials, and there are many more that will remain unrevealing until the film’s premiere. The speculations about potential guest appearances by Taylor Swift as Dazzler and Eric Bana reprising his role as the Hulk are endless. Some of the stories are accurate, according to director Shawn Levy, but he won’t say which ones.

Regarding the abundance of rumors for Deadpool & Wolverine on The Jess Cagle Show, Levy said, “I love the proliferation of casting rumors on the internet, because I never have to say what’s real and what’s fantasy, so I’m just going to go with the very cliche ‘no comment’ on all things casting with Deadpool 3.” We’re lucky on this one, I’ll admit that. Is this a satisfactory response? While the majority of online rumors are untrue, some aren’t.”

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